Tips for Installing Anti-Slip Tapes in Injection Molding Factories


Tips for Installing Anti-Slip Tapes in Injection Molding Factories

Manufacturing facilities are a top offender when it comes to slip and fall accidents. Oftentimes it is simple, inexpensive fixes to flooring or equipment, and the incident that just cost an employee time off work because of an injury could have been avoided altogether.


Having a factory with injection molding equipment means it can be loud and busy. With employees not always paying attention to their footing, you need to make sure the proper steps are taken to minimize accidents. Understanding the importance of and how to utilize anti-slip tape in your manufacturing facility is a great place to start.


Benefits of Anti-Slip Tape Installation
Anti-slip tape is one of the more inexpensive and effective ways to avoid trips, slips, and falls of your workers. The product is easy to apply, can be purchased in bright colors, and allows people to safely work around the difficult to maneuver locations of an injection molding factory.


Even with the most slippery conditions, there is anti-slip tape to handle it. Locations that are wet, recently polished, or surfaces commonly covered in dry materials can benefit from anti-slip tape. From vinyl, and low-grit to heavy duty/military grade anti-slip tape they all have the common advantage of being relatively inexpensive and easy to apply/remove as needed. With a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and even the ability to customize you can help people avoid accidents and improve workplace safety.

Locations to Apply Anti-Slip Tape
The resistance anti-slip tape creates between workers’ shoes and the ground surface makes it incredibly attractive to apply in a variety of places around your injection molding factory. Start by walking the facility with a few employees to assess locations and learn what type of work is performed. This will help you determine the locations that are most likely to cause a slip and fall accident and where to apply the anti-slip tape.

1. Factory Entrances and Exits
Commonly one of the top offenders in factories for slip and fall accidents is actually the entrance and exit locations. People are oftentimes not paying attention and pair that with weather elements bringing in moisture it can make for an easy target to slip and fall.


To prevent slip and fall accidents at the factory entrance or exit, it is recommended to place a resilient anti-slip tape. This will ensure enough traction between people's shoes and the ground, even with moisture is present. A medium-grit tape like this is excellent at handling a lot of foot traffic, something every factory entrance and exit sees.

2. Ramps
Loading and unloading on ramps tend to cause accidents. With the elevation changes, weather elements, and oftentimes heavy materials being transferred, the result can be a dangerously slippery surface. Applying a heavy-duty grit or even military-grade anti-slip tape is a smart idea to ensure your workers are able to safely navigate.

3. Indoor and Outdoor Stairs
One of the most common locations to see the anti-slip tape is stairs. There is good reason- falling from stairs can cause serious damage and injury to the victim.


When it comes to stairs you will want to also add additional measures to protect against slip and fall accidents. Consider adding “WATCH YOUR STEP”, especially if it is a single stair in an unusual location. Photoluminescent egress markers on the stairs are also an easy way to provide better illumination in the dark and no electricity or batteries are required.

4. Loading Docks
Injection molding factories commonly have loading docks for shipping and receiving. Similar to building entrances, these docks see heavy foot traffic and all the weather elements. On top of that, many loading docks have ledges that can pose a dangerous situation.

A heavy-duty grit anti-slip tape that is able to withstand the elements is the best choice for this location. Installation tape on walkways and caution signs around ledges is a smart idea to ensure warehouse safety.

6. Employee Kitchen
Commonly forgotten is your employee kitchen/break room space. With water and other liquids often spilled on the floor, moisture can sneakily creep up causing slip and fall accidents.


A resilient medium-grade anti-slip tape around sinks and refrigerators is an easy fix. You can also make sure you are using an NFSI-certified cleaning product to keep your floors high traction. This combination makes sure you are thoroughly cleaning any grease and oils, but without leaving a slippery residue.

Shop Anti-Slip Tapes
While a lot of factors contribute to falls, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that floors contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year. By including anti-slip tape to your flooring you will be able to improve resistance and traction to decrease the threat of an accident in your injection molding factory.


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