Anti-Slip Tapes: An Imperative Addition to Accident Prone Areas

Anti-Slip Tapes: An Imperative Addition to Accident Prone Areas
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Anti-Slip Tapes: An Imperative Addition to Accident Prone Areas

Imagine the scenario of an individual carrying a heavy or bulky object down a set of stairs and losing their footing. Their feet slide out from underneath them as the object and their body both tumble down the remaining steps. As a result, the person who fell suffers a severe back, leg, arm, hip, or head injury. Companies experience this scenario quite frequently and the aftermath of a fall is financially draining. Insurance claims, workman’s compensation, legal actions, and the possibility of permanent disability are capable of hurting any company. The probability of a slick sole or loss of balance is typical in any type of public use or work environment. A person can lose their footing on a weathered ramp outside as they are entering a building or have their feet swept out from underneath them for various reasons while inside a structure. Anti slip tapes, non slip tread tape and treads offer an affordable, easy to implement option in locations where a fall is possible without an extensive amount of installation work.

Using Traction and Non Skid Stair Tape as a Building Safety Measure

The results of a slip related incident are often astounding and pose many difficulties for a business. In the above situation, the individual would have been able to keep their footing if a traction tape had been placed on the leading edge of each step. Traction products like anti-slips treads and tapes are designed to supply a gripping surface in spill prone areas or when alternative conditions increase the risk of a fall. Products of this nature have a durable pressure sensitive adhesive backside that is used to keep the tread or tape in place. The upper side of contains a commercial or industrial surface composed of either silicon carbide or aluminum oxide grit to provide the traction necessary for preventing this type of fall. Heavy duty, industrial grade products are well suited in construction or manufacturing areas where oil or other items greatly decrease safety. Commercial grade products counteract the presence of water, oil, or grease in any type of public use or work building. They can be applied to or around equipment, on stairs, ramps, or in any location prone to spills. Producers of non-slip tapes offer a large variety of options to meet the individual needs of any business. Each tape is designed to last for an extended period of time and to provide the support a person needs as they make their way through a dangerous or accident prone location. Safety treads come in several colors and grades to make the creation of a safe commercial or work environment quite easy. Commercial color grades allow a company to meet specific building safety code requirements while black is applicable in any location with a risk of injury. Glow-in-the-dark treads are an alternative option for egress stairwells or ramps. The cost is incomparable to the expenses a company suffers after a fall has taken place. A simple action such as the application of traction tape can make a large difference in the number of falling incidents a company experiences each year. These products supply a dependable choice for improving building or equipment safety.
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