Industrial Marking Tape

Color System Guide

4230 Flex Track®


Aisleways & Traffic Lanes: Paths of Egress; Work Cells

4235 Flex Track®


Production: Racks, Machines, Carts, Benches, Other Equipment

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4240 Flex Track®


 Defect/Scrap Area: Red Tag Area

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4245 Flex Track®


Material or Product Inspection: Energized Equipment

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4250 Flex Track®


Materials & Manufacturing: Finished Goods

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4255 Flex Track®


Inventory & Production: Raw Materials

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4260 Flex Track®


Materials & Manufacturing: Works in Progress

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4265 Flex Track®

Black & Yellow

Areas which present physical or health risk to employees

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4275 Flex Track®

Red & White

Areas to be kept clear for safety reasons

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4275 Flex Track®

Black & White

Areas to be kept clear for operational purposes

Coming Soon

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Roll Sizes

2” x 25t.

2” x 100Ft.

3” x 100Ft.

4” x 25Ft.

4” x 100Ft.

6” x 100Ft.

Industrial Marking Tape

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  1. Industrial Marking Tape
    Flex Track® Industrial Marking Tape 4230 Yellow Anti-Slip Single Roll
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