Popular Slip Resistant Tapes for the Office


Popular Slip Resistant Tapes for the Office

Creating a safe workplace not only prevents employee injury but also boosts morale. Slip resistance tapes and treads can provide an inexpensive and easy-to-install option to help have a safe workplace by preventing slip and fall accidents in the office. And while non-slip tapes and even stair treads are popular choices for creating resistance, there are also a lot of options to choose from making it a confusing choice.


Jessup Manufacturing is a global leader in adhesive tapes and treads. Helping offices create a safe, OSHA-compliant workplace is something our team has been doing for decades. So whether it is understanding what grit your tape needs to be or what style is the best for your space we are discussing the most popular slip-resistant tape options for offices this year.  

Consider the Anti-Slip Tape Location
Having the correct anti-slip tape starts with understanding the location you intend to use it on. Is water frequent? What amount of foot traffic does it get? Are people carrying heavy things or does it change in elevation? Knowing your location and how people use the location is a great starting point to narrow down your anti-slip tape choices.


Three types of materials are most commonly used to make anti-slip tape and stair treads. Depending on the location and traffic you will be able to narrow down the type of anti-slip tape best suited for your application.

● Grit is an excellent choice if you need high slip resistance in your office. Carrying heavy boxes, rain or snow easily coming in, or similar are excellent environments for grit tapes and treads.

● Resilient is most commonly used around offices and is a textured PVC tape. These treads feel rubberized and are excellent in heavy foot traffic, but also comfortable enough for bare feet.

● Vinyl is typically used in bathrooms or locations where people have bare feet. These non-slip treads are embossed PVC and designed for both indoor wet and dry applications.

Top Anti-Slip Tape Choices
Several types of anti-slip tapes stand out for offices. They provide adequate resistance to prevent slip and fall accidents and meet OSHA requirements.

For stairs or ladders in your office, you will want to ensure your adhesive system is able to aggressively bond and is extremely durable in order to prevent slip and fall accidents. Jessup Manufacturing’s Safety Track 3200 is an excellent choice for these applications. These treads can be purchased in a variety of colors, including clear. Depending on where the steps are located, you might need to consider having hazard striped message treads and meeting certain OSHA requirements. They are mop-friendly and can even withstand the elements.

If you need something designed for heavier traffic and that is easily able to conform to irregular surfaces like bends, or deeply textured surfaces consider looking at Safety Track 3100 by Jessup Manufacturing. This adhesive also has the ability to be stable in both high and low-temperature ranges.

For bathrooms, you will want something that is resilient to water and potentially even comfortable for bare feet, depending on your office environment. A resilient anti-slip tape like Flex Track 4100 is excellent with water and on bare feet.

Breakrooms and kitchen areas are one of the top offenders for slip and fall accidents in the office. With the hustle and bustle paired with the easy potential for spills, you will want to make sure to use anti-slip tape around sinks, refrigerators, and stoves. Look for a product that is mop friendly for easy cleaning and make sure it meets OSHA requirements, like the Safety Track 3500 product.

Lastly, when it comes to egress code requirements or providing visibility in dark situations you want to look for a product that meets certain standards. Using a photoluminescent grit tape to mark stairs, corridors, and more like the Safety Track 3400 product will not only provide illumination in the dark but meets ASTM and NYC (MEA #235-05-M) standards.

We Can Help
Making sure your office is outfitted with the proper non-slip tapes and treads is important to creating a safe workplace. Make sure to understand the location you will be applying the product in order to choose the best solution. With over 227,000 non-fatal injuries in 2017 due to slip and fall accidents at the workplace, it is not something to ignore. From small to large offices, non-slip tapes and stair treads offer an inexpensive and easy solution to create a safer workplace.


Jessup Manufacturing offers a wide variety of non-slip tapes and treads. You can shop our entire selection online at www.jessupmfg.com today or contact us to discuss custom solutions.


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