5 Ways to Use Graphics Media in Your School

5 Ways to Use Graphics Media in Your School
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5 Ways to Use Graphics Media in Your School

Schools are meant to be a place that inspires students and promotes exploration and learning. Graphics media has become an increasingly popular way to create a unique, organized, positive campus environment that also reflects the school values. From being utilized in gymnasiums for sporting events, school cafeterias, teacher's rooms, and even in the hallways it can grab the attention of students and make them feel engaged in ways that not even digital media can these days. More than ever, we are seeing schools and universities turn to graphics media when they are looking for a creative way to grab their students' attention and bring them together as one community. It's no surprise with all the advancements in printer technology and the coated films these visual graphics are printed on, the results are nothing short of amazing, generally inexpensive to produce and are easily applied and removed. We've compiled the top 5 ways to use graphics media throughout your school to make the grade this school year.

1. Graphics Media in School Hallways

Using graphics media in school hallways is one of the best ways to add color, express school pride, and even prevent against slip and fall accidents while you're at it! Extending the school's values and messaging and adding pops of color throughout the halls make school a brighter, happier, more inspiring place to be. With no space being off-limits for graphics media that means you can post thought-provoking questions on lockers, mural inspiration on the walls of the halls and so much more. A few of our favorite clever and creative ways to consider using graphics media within school hallways include: pic2
  • Using non-slip floor graphics printed with Tex Walk® to prevent slip and fall accidents and offer a pop of color throughout the school hallways. Consider a funny saying or song leading throughout the school or to the office to get them excited or laughing.
  • Create wayfinding with graphics media using your school mascot as a creative way to keep people moving throughout the school and create a more unified experience.
  • Larger than life motivational messages through the hallways of school are a great inspiration and with easy application and low cost can be changed out with the seasons or in conjunction with big school events.
  • Brightly colored graphics media peel and stick wallpaper in what would otherwise be a gray hallway or corridor.

2. Graphics Media in Gymnasiums and School Cafeterias

Graphics media comes in handy when schools want to update their gymnasiums or cafeterias in order to create a more unified experience because it is cost-effective, slip-resistant and can be easily switched out throughout the year to reflect different sporting accomplishments or even school lunch menus. By extending the school's brand identity, you offer the students and teachers an improved experience within the school, making it a more enjoyable place to spend time. Great ways to incorporate graphics media in school gyms and cafeterias include:
  • A short term graphics media like Tex Walk® is great if you want to frequently change out your visual graphics with the sporting season or lunch menu. A product like Tex Walk® is also great on the ground because of its non-slip properties.
  • Full-size peel and stick wallpaper of your school mascot is a great way to show school pride throughout the gym or cafeteria
  • Create messaging with graphics media to display game rules, school rules, mission, and value statements for guests to read.

3. Graphics Media in Teacher's Rooms

Teacher's rooms should be a place to inspire students to do their best work and also create a place of safety and community for children. A popular idea that many schools have been onboarding is renaming teacher's rooms, houses. Houses (aka teacher's rooms) each have their own color, logo, or even symbol and this is displayed on their door and throughout the classroom itself in-order to help students connect with one another in their classes. The houses can display their specific logos or color schemes around the school to promote classroom pride, applying graphics media onto flags, school grounds, or even printed on clothing. Other popular ways to use graphics media in teacher's rooms include:
  • Peel and stick wallpaper has been incredibly popular for teachers because of its low-cost, easy application and removal, and ability to customize to fit their classroom needs.
  • Larger-than-life window graphics displaying current curriculum, classroom expectations, or even school mascots to keep school pride, inspiration, and the feeling of community running throughout the school.
  • Using graphics media on desks and cubbies to keep students engaged and interested, assign seats or cubbies, or remind them of expectations in a creative and unexpected way.
  • Graphics media is an excellent way to organize areas of the classroom or provide direction on the walls in a brightly and playfully.

4. Graphics Media outside the School Building

Graphics media isn't subject to only indoor spaces! Using graphics media around the exterior of the school building is a great way to create some unexpected attention and engagement with your students, parents, and other visitors. Great ideas to consider using graphics media outside the school building includes: pic3
  • A great place to start is the walkway leading up to the school. Using a non-slip safe product to prevent slip and fall accidents like Asphalt Art® and create a large floor mural or inspirational messaging that welcomes your staff, students, and other visitors. It sets the tone for your school and will surely make students more excited to be there before they even step foot into the building!
  • Consider wrapping outdoor columns and drab brick walls in bright colors or with your school mascot as a creative welcome sign to visitors.
  • Any stairs outside use a non-slip graphics media to prevent slip and fall accidents while offering a creative way to display messaging or brighten up a space.
  • Using graphics media on exterior doors to display directions or wayfinding to help people find their way and feel more comfortable upon entering the building.

5. Graphics Media in Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

If your school was anything like mine, the bathrooms and locker rooms were probably a little gray. Thanks to graphics media, gone are those days of tired-looking spaces. By applying inexpensive graphics media onto bathroom stalls, bathroom floors, walls and even lockers you can brighten up spaces and even prevent slip and fall accidents! Some creative ways to use graphics media in school bathrooms and locker rooms are:
  • Use non-slip graphics media on the floor of the bathroom, especially around the sink areas, to prevent slip and fall accidents. Consider putting a funny phrase, school colors or other fun imagery.
  • Graphics media looks great on lockers or bathroom stalls to brighten up spaces. You can write inspirational messaging, school mottos, logos or mascots to keep a unified look throughout the school building.
  • Peel and stick wallpaper works great on the walls of bathrooms or locker rooms and can easily applied and even more easily switched out with the seasons, sports, or events that happen at your school.

Why Choose Graphics Media for Your School?

pic4 When it comes to graphics media, it's a very impactful way for schools to engage with their staff, students and visitors. Consider graphics media for this reason and these other important factors:
  • Cost: Graphics media is a great value. Between all the options, sizes and customizations many people think it will be pricey. However, graphics media is generally fairly inexpensive to create and extremely easy to install and remove which means cost savings back to the buyer.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: As mentioned, all graphics media offers easy installation and removal. Graphics media doesn't leave any residue behind when removed. This is why it's such a great option for school sporting or school events. You can also apply graphics media to most any indoor AND outdoor surface.
  • Unexpected and Attention Grabbing: Trying to inspire and surprise students is not always an easy task. However, graphics media pieces are often times the talk of the school or event they are placed in. With a variety of options when it comes to the films you can use (3D, mesh, textured, and even glow-in-the dark effects), the possibilities are truly endless.
  • Many Features and Options: Graphics media films can do everything from float on water, to offer non-slip properties. Films can be chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and antibacterial and certain films are also NFSI Certified for high traction and ASTM D-2047 certified for slip resistance.
These five places to use graphics media in schools are just a few of our favorites. If you are using graphics media at your school in a fun or unexpected way, let us know and we might feature you in our next post!

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