Asphalt Art®

Award winning Asphalt Art®


Asphalt Art® is a non-slip graphics media that conforms to uneven outdoor surfaces such as asphalt, cement and paving bricks. Asphalt Art® is the perfect media for outdoor advertising, point-of-purchase graphics, events, wayfinding, and street art.

Asphalt Art’s conformability and strength derives from its patented foil construction. It is thin enough to conform to rough, untreated surfaces like stone, brick, and cement. As a result, ground graphics printed on Asphalt Art® look painted on and have tremendous visual impact.

Asphalt Art® is easy to apply and remove. Asphalt Art® is ideal for short term promotions and events, but it can also last up to 12 months of pedestrian traffic.

Available roll sizes:


Create stand-out ads, illusions, displays, and street art with Asphalt Art®, including:

  • Retail graphics, environments and POP
  • Bus, subway, and train stations
  • Sporting events, stadiums, and sponsorship ads
  • Restaurant drive-through lanes
  • Gas stations and convenience stores
  • Parades and cultural events
  • Parking lot and garages
  • Safety signage
  • Outdoor posters
  • Street art
  • Guerrilla and interactive marketing

Asphalt Art® stands apart from other media for its non-slip properties, anchoring adhesive, and the fact that unlike other ground graphics, it does not require overlamination to maintain the printed image. No other media for ground graphics has the printability, safety, and ease of installation and removal as Asphalt Art®.