Where Do I Need Low-Level Exit Signs?

Low-Level-Exit-SignsMany building owners are unclear on their responsibility when it comes to low-level exit signs. In various circumstances, an exit sign posted above an emergency exit door is sufficient, but there are certain situations where floor proximity exit signs are also required.

According to both the International Building Code and the International Fire Code, floor level exit signs are required in buildings with Group R-1 occupancy. Group R-1 occupancy is defined as residential buildings that contain sleeping units which are primarily used in a transient manner. In other words, boarding houses, hotels, motels, and residential care facilities, among other impermanent residences, all must have low-level exit signs.

Specifically, these types of buildings are required to have exit signs at least 10 inches but no more than 12 inches above floor level. The signs must be mounted flush against the wall or directly on the door. When they are mounted on an adjacent wall, they must be within 4 inches of the doorframe on the latch side of the door.

Having exit signs near the floor makes it easier for children, below-average height individuals, and people in wheelchairs to identify exits. Even in buildings where they are not specifically required, floor level exit signs can make your egress paths substantially more visible.

The simplest way to become compliant with the floor level exit requirement is to install photoluminescent exit signs. Photoluminescent exit signs won’t create any sort of hazard to people who come in contact with them, and all they need to charge is the ambient light that surrounds them. Because they don’t draw any electricity, photoluminescent exit signs can simply be mounted in place without installing any complicated wiring. They also don’t need any sort of replacement bulbs or backup batteries. Maintaining photoluminescent signs is as simple as dusting them off from time to time.

If your building is not yet compliant with the floor level exit sign requirement, photoluminescent signs will help you get up to code quickly, simply, and affordably. They will save you money on your electric bill and will last upwards of 25 years.

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