Glo Brite® Photoluminescent
Films for Safety

Glo Brite® photoluminescent films and rigid sheets are intrinsically safe and sustainable materials used in exit signs, safety signs and egress path markings in buildings, planes, trains and ships. Jessup is one of the top manufacturers in the world and specializes in customizing photoluminescent films, sheets, and photoluminescent tapes for safety applications, photoluminescent signs and graphic arts.

Glo Brite® Top Selling Products

Create an exit strategy

Glo Brite® exit signs and egress markings show the way out reliably with zero energy

Glo Brite® photoluminescent exit signs, photoluminescent safety signs, and egress markings are consistently visible and require no energy, maintenance, or special disposal. Unlike tritium exit signs, Glo Brite® photoluminescent exit signs are intrinsically safe and do not emit any radioactivity or otherwise create a health risk. Glo Brite® exit signs are UL924 listed and meet all current building and fire codes.

photoluminescent fire safety exit signs
Organization Standard
German Industrial
Standard (DIN)
DIN 67510
American Society for Testing
and Materials (ASTM)
ASTM 2072
International Standards
Organization (ISO)
ISO 15370
International Maritime
Organization (IMO)
IMO RES A. 752 (18)
European Union Marine Equipment
Directive (EU MED)
Photoluminescent Safety
Products Association (PSPA)

Project trifecta

Glo Brite® benefits all stakeholders

Architects Benefits

  • LEED points qualified
  • Reduces cooling and emergency generator loads
  • Aesthetically-pleasing designs
  • Multiple product solutions for every application

Contractor Benefits

  • Lower labor and material cost
  • No electrical to run or battery backup
  • Standard bracket options for easy mounting

Building Owner Benefits

  • Zero energy consumption
  • Zero energy cost
  • Zero maintenance, reduces overhead costs
  • Non-toxic, non-radioactive
  • No disposal cost, 100% recyclable
  • Movable if egress paths change

We Solve + Make™

This technology is our cup of green


Glo Brite® Safety Grade flexible films or rigid sheets can be made to order. We can adjust the pigment to meet your specific performance standards. Available in polyester or PVC, the films can be coated with pressure sensitive adhesive, laminated with particulates to give it non-slip properties, topcoated with many materials to increase durability, and printed in a variety of methods and inks.

Jessup custom mixes and manufactures films that are sold to safety equipment companies, sign companies and a wide range of original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We can cast, laminate, and die-cut your part. Our Solve + Make™ options for your custom photoluminescent materials include supply chain services too.

Getting out safely

Glo Brite® solutions in New York City after 9/11

When the World Trade Center towers in New York City were attacked and felled on September 11, 2001, well-marked stairwells saved many lives and poorly marked ones were factors in many tragedies. The International Building Code (IBC) and International Fire Code (IFC) were strengthened in subsequent years to assure that a luminous egress path would be visible in darkness and dense smoke.

Jessup developed Glo Brite® photoluminescent egress markings that met the rigorous new standards in New York. Markings are required for all doors, steps, landings, handrails, perimeters, and obstacles in most buildings. Markings are required for hospitals, schools, businesses, hotels, public assemblies and R-1 residential buildings that have occupied floors more than 75 feet above the lowest rung of the fire department’s hook and ladder.

Jessup provides New Yorkers with a full line of floor identification signs, safety signs, exit signs, tapes, treads, strips, and decals to make their buildings safe to exit. This system is the gold standard for other cities and public safety departments worldwide.

Typical Applications
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