Where are Exit Signs Required?

Guidelines for Exit Sign Requirements

If you are in the process of erecting a large structure that plans to hold several businesses and numerous occupants, one scenario you will have to deal with before companies and people start moving in to your building are the guidelines, rules, and regulations concerning the protection of the occupants in your building. One aspect of the guidelines concerns the use of exit signs, and where these egress markers must be placed. This blog will help you grasp the expectations of regulatory committees regarding the placement and locations of the exit signs in your location.

Where to Place Exit Signs

All exit locations and strategically located exit access doors will need to be marked by an ordinance approved exit sign that should be readily visible from any direction of egress travel. The path of egress travel toward exit locations throughout the building need to be marked by constantly visible exit signs so that the direction of egress travel is clearly and always indicated. This helps with assuring that any exit location or path of egress travel that may not be immediately visible due to a turn are quickly recognized when the turn is made. In addition, the exact installment of exit signs as it pertains to placement is regulated by precise measurements. For more information regarding these placement measurements, consult with a representative of GloBrite Systems.

There are a handful of exceptions to these mandatory guidelines, and they are as follows: Exit signs are not required in rooms or areas that require only one access to an exit. A building official can approve the dismissal or disregard of exit signs in locations including exit doors or gates that are obviously and clearly identifiable as exits. Exit signs are not required in certain individual sleeping and dwelling areas, as well as certain dayrooms and dormitories. For a more precise explanation concerning these sleeping and dwelling areas, and for dormitories and dayrooms, consult GloBrite Systems.

There is a lot more information regarding required locations of exit signs, more information than this blog is prepared to list due to publishing a very lengthy script. Your best bet is to consult with a company versed in rules and regulations pertaining to exit signs. This blog mentions GloBrite as a source for obtaining the information, because GloBrite is a reputable and valuable resource for not only exit sign requirements, but also for all guidelines and needs involving egress markings in buildings. Simply contact GloBrite, and you will be connected to a professional who can help you determine the steps you need to take with the implementation of exit signs, along with other helpful egress markers. GloBrite provides top of the line emergency exit sign and egress products and components, including the state of the art photoluminescent sign technology, which will completely optimize the safety standards in your building.

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