What Your Skate Grip Tape Says About You


What Your Skate Grip Tape Says About You

With every new board the question comes: how to grip it? Nowadays there are literally thousands of skate grip tape options on the market- so how is one to choose?


There are so many routes to take, but first you want to make sure you’re getting a quality grip tape. Finding that skate grip tape that isn’t too sharp, but grips well enough for the job and without tearing up your shoes after one session are key. If you plan to do tricks look out for a medium grain to give you enough traction, but if you are just messing around on the streets a lower grain is fine.


The material of your grip tape is something to consider also. Silicone carbide is a preferred choice among professional skaters and should be for you also. It not only conforms to your deck with ease, but provides overall a better continue grip without destroying shoes.

So now that you know what you need in a skate grip tape, let’s get down to what style you choose and what that says about you.


Gaining a ton of popularity of the past decade, clear grip tape offers borders that chance to show off their actual board. Clear grip tapers like to keep it nice and tidy with their tricks, just like they keep their grip tape. Don’t expect them to come to you, these guys are in a class of their own showing off their skills and true deck.



Watch out for this classic cult favorite. The checkerboard design shows off your fun side and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. “Checkerboarders” can be seen showing off their tricks and prefer to come up with the unexpected combinations that look easy but actually aren’t. These jokers aren’t messing around when it comes to their skate time.



This group of granolas is bringing green into their boarding and we love it! Eco-friendly grip tape uses scrapes from other sources to compile its finished product. The environmentally friendly bunch are smooth and sensitive, always looking out for their fellow boarder (and planet Earth).




Basic Black

Ah, the most iconic choice amongst skateboarders is the basic black grip tape. It’s still a popular choice, more for the serious boarder who can’t be bothered with a creative way to style their board. This “old school” grip taper is all business, using the skateboard as merely a tool and wants us all to focus on new tricks and quit the small talk.




Trend alert! Camo is everywhere these days and skateboarding is no different. Camo grip tape is excellent for that strong, secure skateboarder. Confident in what they know and open to learning the new, this is an excellent choice for newbies or professionals alike.


We want to know, what are you outfitting your skateboard with these days? With nearly endless possibilities there is a skate grip tape for all personalities. We’d love to hear what you're gripping your deck with these days and your skating style. Comment below or tag us on social media.


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