Top Nonslip Shower Mats to Buy in 2022


Top Nonslip Shower Mats to Buy in 2022

Young or old, slips happen. Accidents are more likely to occur when slick, wet surfaces are in play- showers and baths being the top culprits. And because of their hard surfaces, the risk for injury is even higher.


Nonslip shower mats are an excellent option to provide added protection from slip and fall accidents.


However, buyer beware!


Not all nonslip shower mats are created equal. Finding the best nonslip shower mat comes with a handful of considerations, some of you might not even be aware. We’ve compiled what to look for and the top nonslip shower mats to buy in 2022.

What We Looked For In The Best Nonslip Shower Mat
When we put together our list of the best nonslip shower mats for 2022 we took into consideration several factors. Putting this list together was more then just finding a mat that would adhere to the tub. In order to keep your loved ones and yourself safe consider the following.

Size of Shower Mat
Not all nonslip mats are the same size. You will want to measure your shower or tub before purchasing the mat. Make sure to take into consideration the drain. Choose a nonslip mat that covers most of the tub floor while still leaving space or a cut-out for the drain. In some cases, nonslip shower mats can even be cut to exact requirements.


PRO TIP: Mat thickness is also an important factor. You don’t want a mat that is overly thick, causing a lip that will create a tripping hazard.

Grittiness of Shower Mat
The grit of the nonslip mat is what creates the traction. However, too much grit can also prove to be uncomfortable on bare feet. So when looking for a nonslip shower mat make sure you choose a grit grade that is comfortable on the bare feet but also provides adequate traction. We recommended a fine-grade nonslip shower mat made of vinyl for the most comfortable yet safe solution.

Type of Shower
What kind of shower do you intend to use for your nonslip mat? For example, if you have a reglazed or highly textured shower you will want to steer clear of suction cup mats because they simply will not adhere, creating additional slipping. In addition, if your shower is seeing a high amount of traffic you will want to choose a strong adhesive like acrylic for added longevity.

Shower Mat Material
Poor material choice can mean mold and mildew. While drainage holes in nonslip shower mats is helpful, many don’t like how they feel on their feet. Consider looking for a nonslip shower mat that states on the box that it is antimicrobial and provides a smooth surface for feet while protecting against mold and mildew.

Top 3 Types of Shower Mats to Buy
Taking all the considerations mentioned above into account, we put together our top 3 nonslip shower mats to consider.

The Perfect Shower Cut
A 24x24 shower mat is a standard cut for showers, providing the perfect shape, and includes a drain cut for the easiest application. Comfortable on bare feet with smooth vinyl, this antimicrobial shower mat is available in white or sandstone. This nonslip mat is the perfect choice for most all stand-alone showers.

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Smooth Perfection
If you want the smoothest, cleanest cut look no further than the Jessup Manufacturing 16x34 inch tapered white bath mat. This is a perfect choice for around the sink because it lays seamless on your floor and is slip-resistant. Unlike a typical bath mat, this will prevent both slips and trips.

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Bathtub Friendly
If you have a tub and shower combo, then you’ll want a larger nonslip mat. Look to the 16x40 nonslip bath mat with a pre-cut drain hole for easy application. A great choice for toddlers to the elderly, this vinyl nonslip mat meets Prop 65, ADA, and OSHA standards so it can be used in homes, hotels, and more.

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Nonslip Shower Mat Compliance
Did you know even nonslip shower mats should meet certain standards? Depending on where you are installing the mat and who will be using it, make sure to look for the following authorities on the boxes to recognize that the shower mat you purchase is compliant.

● Prop 65


● NFSI High Traction

● OSHA certified


If you have any questions about the nonslip shower mat you are considering purchasing, the manufacturers should be able to easily provide documentation of the compliance certification.

Shop More Top Nonslip Shower Mats
The three nonslip shower mats listed above are excellent choices. Shop an even wider selection of nonslip shower mats at Jessup Manufacturing’s website today. Jessup Manufacturing is a global leader in nonslip adhesive products, including nonslip shower mats and bathmats. Contact our team to find the best nonslip shower mat to fit your requirements.


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