Looking for the best non slip bath mat? Read this first.


Looking for the best non slip bath mat? Read this first.

Did you know 70% of household accidents happen in the bathroom?


This makes bathrooms the most dangerous room in the house.


The majority of these falls are caused by people slipping on wet surfaces. From entering or exiting the bath tub, shower, or wet tiles on the floor the bathroom is full of hard surfaces and once in contact with water can make for disastrous accidents.


One of the best ways to reduce bathroom slip and fall accidents is the addition of traction to the floor. This leads many people to add bath rugs. And while bath mats do supply traction, they also come with several major disadvantages.

The Problem With Bath Rugs

While bath mats offer a great way to decorate your bathroom and can provide additional traction to prevent slip and fall accidents, oftentimes they are doing more harm than good.


Bath rugs are magnets for dirt and even mold. Without regular washing several times a week, these can harbor tons of germs which then transfer to the bare feet of those in the bathroom.


Bath rugs pose tripping hazards. Yes, you heard right. While they do offer traction, they also create more of a fall concern because people often trip on them due to the lift they create and depending on the style the edges will lift up with age.


While bath rugs can look pretty to decorate with, you need to make sure you do several things if you are going to keep one in your bathroom. Make sure you are washing them consistently and also using a non-slip tread under them to prevent them from slipping. It is also recommended to choose a thinner mat so it doesn't create a large lift posing tripping hazards. And while the bath rug can be used outside of the tub, what about a safe non slip bathtub option? A better option to consider over a bath rug is non-slip bath mats throughout the bathroom.

What to Look for in the Best Non Slip Bath Mat

Non slip bath mats offer an excellent, safer alternative to prevent slip and fall accidents compared to bath rugs. When looking for the best non slip bath mat for your family, you will want to take into consideration two main factors:


  • Mild resistance

Make sure the non slip bath mat you choose states on the box that it is mildew resistant. While many non-slip bath mats have a drainage hole, the best non-slip bath mats will go a step further and state that it is antimicrobial.


  • Traction

The best non slip bath mats will provide the necessary traction while being comfortable on your bare feet. Look for one that states it is fine grade vinyl which will provide a smooth option for bare feet, but also be strong enough to prevent slip and fall accidents where water pools.


Beyond these two items, look for a non-slip bath mat that meets your style and size requirements. There are many options available on the market today from clear to colorful.

Shop the Non-Slip Bath Mats

When it comes to non-slip bath mats there are many options available on the market. Jessup Manufacturing produces one of the best non-slip bath mat products on the market that has been tested and meets compliance with Prop 65, ADA, NFSI High Traction, and is OSHA certified.


Shop Jessup Manufacturing’s wide variety of non-slip bath mats today.


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