Keep Your Employees Safer With This One Purchase


Keep Your Employees Safer With This One Purchase

Do you know what continually tops the charts as one of the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and even deaths?


Slip and fall accidents.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports year after year that slip and fall accidents continually happen in work environments of all types. With a mission to keep people safe while working, The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides and enforces standards of workplace safety through training, outreach, education, and assistance. OSHA is part of the United States Department of Labor and covers most private sector employers and their employees and in some cases public sector. Failure to comply with OSHA guidelines can not only include hefty fines and penalties but also puts your employees at risk.


Luckily preventing slip and fall accidents can be prevented in most cases. With the purchase of the correct anti-slip products and applying them in strategic locations, you can greatly decrease the risk of a slip and fall accident and keep your employees safer.

Fall Offenses Top OSHA Citations List
Even though fall prevention in the workplace is nothing new, it continually tops the Top 10 Citations List by OSHA year after year. Over the past decade, many companies have had to halt operations, make changes, or adapt training procedures in order to ensure their employees are properly protected from slip and fall accidents. Having adequate anti-slip products installed in the right places is a key piece to the puzzle in keeping your company from becoming part of this statistic.


Common OSHA violations around slip and fall protection include:

● Fall Protection- General Requirements (Standard 1926.501) Total Violations in 2017: 6,887

● Scaffolding (Standard 1926.451) Total Violations in 2017: 3,697

● Ladders (Standard 1926.1053) Total Violations in 2017: 2,567

● Fall Protection- Training Requirements (Standard 1926.503)  Total Violations in 2017: 1,724

What Types of Anti-Slip Products Can Help
Anti-slip products provide additional traction to help people maintain balance and improve slippery citations. Anti-slip products are made for both indoor and outdoor use and can accommodate heavy traffic, extreme temperatures and elements, and even bare feet. There are two common types of anti-slip treads/tapes that companies purchase depending on the location and type of work being performed.

Military Grade Anti Slip Products
The word military says it all. These anti-slip products use extra large grit particulars and can accommodate the toughest conditions. In order to claim a product is military grade it must meet or exceed MIL-PRF-24667C, so make sure to look for that on the label. From oil spills, mud, extreme temperatures, and even rough ocean waters, military grade anti-slip products are an excellent choice in preventing slip and fall accidents.


Rubberized PVC Anti Slip Products
Probably the most common in office and retail environments is a rubberized PVC anti-slip product. These adhesives come in several grades of grit depending on the working conditions, weather, and foot traffic.


These anti-slip products are excellent with work shoes and some of them are comfortable enough for bare feet. Common uses include ladders, vehicles, equipment, and indoor stairs.

Installing Anti-Slip Products
Once you decide what anti-slip product is best for your application you will need to install it. The process is easy and straightforward. Know that you can always remove anti-slip products and with Jessup Manufacturing products there is never any sticky residue or markings left behind.


Before you install make sure you have measured the space you intend to apply the adhesive. Whether it be a stair, ramp, or larger section you can usually buy the product cut to your appropriate size or make the cuts once it arrives. This should be done before removing the backing.


Common locations for anti-slip products include:

● Ramps or Heavy loading docks

● Single steps onto machinery

● Trucks/heavy equipment

● Workplace bathrooms (around sinks/toilets)

● Under water fountains or any water source


Make sure the surface is smooth, clean, and dry before applying the product. Gently remove the backing and stick to the location. You should let it adhere for one hour before allowing foot traffic.

We Can Help Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents
With the right products, you can better protect your employees and company. The addition of anti-slip products makes you one step closer to preventing slip and fall accidents. Jessup Manufacturing is a leader in anti-slip adhesives for all industries. With many of our products “High Traction” certified by the National Floor Safety Institute they are an ideal choice.


Contact our team to discuss your application and we can recommend the best anti-slip products. Or visit our website to learn more and shop our wide variety of anti-slip stair treads, tapes, and custom floor decals.

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