Is Your Bath Rug Carrying Mold? What You Need to Know.


Is Your Bath Rug Carrying Mold? What You Need to Know.

Google shows that this is a common problem just by the hundreds (thousands!) of articles written on the topic. Many people notice the growth of mold or are looking to take preventative measures at preventing it on their bath mats. Mold is a fungus that thrives in warm, damp environments, so the bathroom is an ideal location in your home for that to happen.


Unfortunately, mold can also quickly spread and cause major health problems. So it is no wonder you’ve found yourself researching how your bath mat gets moldy and how to fix it.

Bath mats can get moldy for a variety of reasons. It boils down to the lingering moisture in the bathroom and the warmth of the environment. Moisture doesn’t just come from the tub but could be caused by a leaky pipe, sink, poor ventilation, or toilet overflow. Paired with a dirty bath mat or a bath mat that isn’t properly suited for bathrooms and it can make the perfect location for mold spores to grow and spread.


Everyone knows that mold and mildew can cause major health problems and should be prevented. Unfortunately, the growth of mold can sneak up on you and if not treated properly it will continue to thrive. Keep reading below to understand why your bath mat is getting moldy, what to look for in the bath mat, and what you can do to prevent and remove bath mat mold.

Is Your Bath Mat Unsanitary?
The last thing you want is your bathroom to be a dirty, unsanitary place. Quiet the opposite. People go into the bathroom many times to become clean and remove dirt- you don’t want the opposite being showcased in yours! However, when your purchase a bath mat depending on its material, it can quickly absorb oils, dirt, and other particles making it dirty. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, your bath mat will quickly become unsanitary.


Keep your bathroom clean and sanitary by regularly cleaning your bath mats.

How to Clean Bath Mats
Every bath mat is a little different, but the basic cleaning instructions remain about the same. You will want to wash your bath mat in line with the manufacturer's recommendations. Once washed, make sure they are completely dry and try to keep the bathroom well-ventilated. In such a humid environment, it makes it the perfect location for mold to thrive.

How often do I wash my bath mat?
A good rule of thumb for washing your bath mat is on a weekly basis. However, if your bathroom is being used by multiple people, taking multiple showers then you might need to up this to 2-3 times per week. Non-slip bath mats, like the ones made by Jessup Manufacturing, require little to no maintenance because they are antimicrobial, but should still be washed occasionally.

Should I do anything beyond washing?
Depending on your bath mat's material it could make sense to do more than just washing it.


For non-slip bath mats, you will want to periodically use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub your non-slip bath mat with a commercial tub and tile cleaner. Using a circular gentle scrub it is easy to remove any unsightly soap scrum and body oil build up.


You will also want to make sure your bathroom has proper ventilation. Mold loves moisture, and by running an exhaust fan while you are in the shower or tub and immediately after for 30 minutes you can greatly decrease the amount of moisture in the air and on surfaces. Another way to ventilate is to open a window to let fresh air circulate into the small space.


If you are looking to kill mold that has already begun to grow, reach for vinegar before bleach. When you use bleach, although it might sound tough, the mold spores can still remain after application. Bleach only kills surface mold spores and not those hiding underneath the mat. Vinegar works deeper to keep the spore head on not allowing it to grow back.

This is key to keeping bath mat mold at bay
In general, bath mats are safe to use. However, like anything, you need to keep them clean and properly maintained. Looking for a non-slip bath mat that states it is anti-microbial is key to keep mold at bay and they are also going to be the easiest to maintain. An added bonus is choosing an antimicrobial bath mat that is certified NFSI High Traction which means it provides the necessary traction for your bare feet to prevent slip and fall accidents. If you are looking for an antimicrobial NFSI High Traction bath mat, shop the wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes at Jessup Manufacturing.


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