How to Use Anti-Slip Tape in the Construction Industry


How to Use Anti-Slip Tape in the Construction Industry

Construction zones are dangerous places. Activity involving heavy-duty machinery and heights means the potential for worker injury and fatality is higher than the national average.


Slip and fall accidents are still the leading cause of accidental injury. That makes working to prevent them a top priority in the construction industry because fall prevention can mean the difference between life and death. Putting a program in place for workers to get their jobs done safely will give your team confidence and the ability to protect themselves and those around them.

Solutions to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in Construction Zones
Finding ways to prevent slip and fall accidents in the construction industry is usually simple. Most accidents occur because of people not paying attention to their surroundings, so if you can provide proper training and improve conditions it will play a big role in lessening the number of accidents that occur.


Oftentimes a popular solution to improve conditions is the addition of anti-slip products. Anti-slip tape or stair treads bring in additional traction to help workers maintain stable footing. Tapes can be purchased in a variety of colors, so oftentimes they are also used to warn workers or remind workers of high-risk areas with bright colors.


When choosing an anti-slip tape you will want to make sure it meets certain criteria. First, it should be NFSI certified for "High Traction" and meet OSHA standards. You will also need to determine the application you are doing to use it for (indoor, outdoor, high foot traffic, weather/elements, sizing, etc.). Once the criteria are decided you can appropriately choose the best anti-slip tape for your application. For example, for outdoor locations that are commonly hit with oil or water, you might look to a higher grit or even a military-grade grit on the anti-slip tape to ensure adequate protection. If you are looking for added traction in the bathroom area, a PVC product with a lower grade grit is likely acceptable.

Locations to Use Anti-Slip Tape in Construction Zones
While construction zones are constantly changing, a few constants stay in place. Before sending workers out on location you will want to assess the area and equipment being used to determine the locations that will require additional traction. Listed below are common offenders for slip and fall accidents but by no means a fully extensive list.


1. Ramps/Loading Docks

Construction zones often have things coming in and out for the job. People are busy, weather changes, and thinking about foot traction is not always top of mind. Adding anti-slip tape to ramps and loading docks is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent accidents from occurring.


2. Heavy Duty Machinery

Having a safe environment around heavy-duty machinery is imperative. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration explains that about 100 employees are killed and 95,000 injured every year while operating forklifts alone. Besides using anti-slip tape on all heavy duty machinery steps, it is also recommended to do the following in order to keep employees safe:

● Ensure proper training and certification for equipment

● Before the use of any machinery, examine it for proper haulage equipment and potentially hazardous conditions

● The forklift operator should always wear a seatbelt

● Never exceed 5 MPH


3. Scaffolding and Ladders

Applying anti-slip tape to scaffolding and ladders is one of the best ways to prevent slip and fall accidents. Being up high and performing work, it can be easier to lose balance so having the added traction of an anti-slip tape is necessary. Make sure to choose an anti-slip product that meets the requirements of the location the scaffolding or ladder is being used (indoor, outdoor, etc.).


Also, make sure to use the equipment for the purpose for which they were designed and on proper surfaces. It might sound like common sense, but all too often ladders are set on unstable surfaces or scaffolding hasn’t been checked for defects.


4. Bathrooms / Food Prep Areas

This one may sound silly or out of place compared to the others listed, but it is actually a top offender when it comes to slip and fall accidents. Because of the liquid present in the bathroom and kitchen areas, many people are caught off guard and lose their footing more than you might think.


Luckily, with a few strips of anti-slip tape floors can have the added traction necessary to prevent accidents. Using a product like Jessup Manufacturing’s Safety Track® Medium Resilient Vinyl Anti-Slip Black film around sinks, stoves, and toilets provides an inexpensive barrier to keep employees safe. The clear option makes the product discrete, but still just as tough.

Shop Anti-Slip Tape for Construction Jobs
Making your construction site safe protects your employees and your company. Jessup Manufacturing is a leader in adhesive products and works within the construction industry to ensure safe working conditions. Shop our selection specific for the construction industry today.

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