Fire Extinguisher Regulations in the Workplace


Fire Extinguisher Regulations in the Workplace

Did you know 80% of fires are put out by portable fire extinguishers?


Proper fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher symbols and signage is important in the workplace. At the end of the day these items may not only prevent building damage, but save lives.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides the regulations and rules to fire extinguishers, symbols, and signage to ensure workers are safe and protected.


Fire Extinguisher Symbols and Signs

Most fire safety signs fall into either prevention or fire escape. This means you may have several different fire extinguisher signs. the signs to ensure that workers are kept safe and protected. While one could be showing people where the fire extinguisher is, another offers instructions on how to use it. Both types of signs play an important role to make sure employees are able to find and use the equipment properly.


OSHA does not offer requirements to where the signage needs to be, except stating that they should be easily legible and visible. This would (generally) mean that fire extinguisher symbols or signs should be above or around the extinguisher. If the fire extinguisher is not easily visible then arrow signage to direct people to it might be needed. A general rule is to place fire safety signs 5 feet or higher because they can be seen both up close and at a distance.


Several options for fire extinguisher signs are available. Some popular choices on the market now include:

  • Three-dimensional fire extinguisher signs because of their easy visibility from many locations
  • Glow in the dark fire extinguisher signs because they are self-illuminating
  • Signs with just pictograms because they are universally understood.

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

With several different classes of fire extinguishers on the market, it is important to know which one is appropriate for your workplace. In many cases, you might require different types for various locations. You should only use approved extinguishers for the fire types and they need to be fully charged, maintained, and in proper working order at all times.


The distance and location of the fire extinguishers is also regulated by OSHA. This again varies by the class of extinguisher you have.  The OSHA fire extinguisher placement rules are based on your fire class and states:

  • Class A fires, portable fire extinguishers no more than 75 feet from employees  — see 1910157(d)(2)
  • Class B fires, portable fire extinguishers no more than 50 feet from employees – see 157(d)(4)
  • Class C fires OSHA says, “the employer shall distribute portable fire extinguishers used for Class C hazards on the basis of the appropriate pattern for the existing Class A or Class B hazards.”– see 157(d)(5)
  • Class D fires OSHA says, “the employer shall distribute portable fire extinguishers or other containers of Class D extinguishing agents for use by employees so that the travel distance from the combustible metal working area to any extinguishing agent is 75 feet (22.9 m) or less. Portable fire extinguishers for Class D hazards are required in those combustible metal working areas where combustible metal powders, flakes,


Shop Fire Extinguisher Symbols and Signs

Unlike many other types of fire safety signs, fire extinguisher signs come in a variety of sizes and designs. Whether you choose three dimensional or a photoluminescent fire extinguisher sign, you just need to ensure it is easily understood and visible.


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