Top Facts You May Not Know About Photoluminescent Exit Signs

photoluminescent-exit-signsIf you’re considering photoluminescent exit signs for your building, you probably have a lot of questions with regards to potential cost savings, the lifespan of photoluminescent signs, and their compliance with local and national building codes. Read on to get answers to all of your most pressing questions.

What makes photoluminescent signs glow?
GloBrite® glow-in-the-dark exit signs are made with an inorganic material that collects energy from ambient light and releases that energy when the lights suddenly go out.

Are they safe?
Yes. GloBrite photoluminescent signs are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and 100% recyclable.

Are photoluminescent signs the safest option in an emergency situation?
While electric exit signs and photoluminescent signs both adhere to national building codes, photoluminescent signs are more reliable because they won’t fail if the electricity suddenly goes out. In blackout conditions, electric exit signs simply won’t work, but photoluminescent signs that are properly charged and maintained will remain illuminated for at least 90 minutes, in adherence with the UL 924 standard for emergency lighting and power equipment.

Are photoluminescent signs safe to handle and install?
Yes. GloBrite exit signs are non-radioactive and non-toxic. They don’t require any wiring, making them simple to install. Follow your local building and fire codes for location requirements, and check that each exit sign is exposed to at least 54 lux of florescent light on the sign surface at all times during building occupancy. This will give photoluminescent signs all the energy that they need to glow in emergency situations.

How long do GloBrite signs last?
GloBrite signs are designed to last 25+ years under normal operating conditions. Like any objects, GloBrite signs may accumulate dust which may make them less effective over time. Thus, the signs should be wiped down periodically in order to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Can I order GloBrite exit signs in colors other than green?
No. Under most standards, exit signs are required to be either red or green for maximum visibility. Green is easier for most people to see, particularly in dark and smoky conditions.

What are the cost savings of photoluminescent exit signs over electric exit signs?
Beyond installation costs, including bulbs, wiring, and labor, electric exit signs have a huge carbon footprint and eat up a lot of electricity every year. For a US company to operate one hundred incandescent exit signs every year, they must spend $3,500 on electricity. Alternatively, zero emission GloBrite photoluminescent signs have no ongoing energy costs.

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