What are Photoluminescent Egress Markings?

What are Photoluminescent Egress Markings?

GloBriteEgress2Despite how popular photoluminescent technology has become among industrial businesses, building owners, and office managers responsible for outfitting their company’s office space or location with emergency signage, some companies – along with people who need to be, or should be in the know about emergency signage – are still in the dark when it comes to photoluminescent egress markings. How is this so? At this point, we are really not sure, but never mind trying to figure out the ‘why.’ Instead, this blog is being produced to enlighten those of you who either do not know about photoluminescent egress markings, or have not yet been completely convinced as to why your building or business should make the transition to this superior type of egress marking technology.

Photoluminescent egress marking involves the utilization of photoluminescent technology, which is an eco friendly, green alternative substitute to older egress marking models that were infused with harmful chemicals and materials that could actually harm the environment, as well as people within close proximity or who come into contact with the product. Photoluminescent egress products are not just an eco friendly, green alternative emergency signage product; it is a far superior egress marker that glows in the dark longer, and with more reliable efficiency than any other illuminating emergency marker on the market. In addition, it absorbs the ambient light in its given location, storing that energy and later using it when it needs to glow in the dark. Unlike most of its counterparts, photoluminescent egress markers are not hooked up to a power source, and to not rely on a direct energy current to become optimal. Rather, it is fully self sustainable through its absorption of ambient light.

All the proof you really need that photoluminescent egress markings are truly the king of all egress products is the support it has from federal and state regulatory committees, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Both regulatory organizations support mandated guideline forcing all locations in need of emergency signage to use only products infused with photoluminescent technology. If the complete and utter support of the two most renowned regulatory bodies does not make you want to switch to using photoluminescent technology, nothing will. Well, maybe except if it becomes law, which it already has in several states (so why don’t you follow suit!).

If you do happen to require further information, a good place to receive it is from Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup holds all the information and wisdom regarding photoluminescent egress markings, along with several other types of emergency products designed and built with photoluminescent technology. If you have not already transitioned to photoluminescent technology for all of your emergency products, it is time to get with the program and make the change. The professionals at Jessup can help you do just that.

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