How to Install Large Ground Decals

One of the several benefits and advantages to using ground decals for advertising and promotional purposes is the simplicity involved when it comes to installing the ground decal. The ease of installation is also true for large ground decals, which is one of the many reasons businesses and advertising agencies have come to rely on floor and ground decals for promotional events. The following information will list and explain the steps involved with installing large ground decals.

Installing large ground decals can be completed in five simple steps:

1.      Prepare the site location where you plan to place the large ground decal, and then lay out the ground decal precisely where you want it to be. You prepare the site location by making sure the area is clean and free of debris that could negatively affect the ground decal by blemishing the aesthetic nature of the design. Once the area is rid of any aesthetic inhibitors, lay out the large ground decal on the surface where you plan to have it for your event.

2.      Remove the liner. Right before you apply the large ground decal to the surface location, you will need to remove the liner. The liner is the protective backing where the adhesive component is encased. The liner is easy to remove, and once it is off, you can stick the large ground decal to the desired surface location, where it will adhere itself for your event.

3.      Trim the edges. When placing more than one large ground decal panel together on a surface, there might be an instance where overlapping occurs. If seam overlapping does occur, it is very simple to trim the overlapping seams in order to achieve a perfect fit. Trimming overlapping seams will in now way negatively affect the aesthetic nature of your large ground decal.

4.      Roll to anchor. Roll to anchor is a way of saying that you should use a roller, or a safe method of leveling the surface of the ground decal. A roller will firm the large ground decal against its surface, smoothing out any places that need smoothing in order to achieve a perfect cohesion between the ground decal and its surface. Therefore, rolling the floor and ground decal after its application is an important step that ensures the cohesion between decal and surface is flawless.

Removing the ground decal. Though this is not a step in its application process, it is the final step in the overall use of a floor and ground graphic. Once the large ground decal has served its purpose, you can remove the graphic with ease. Simply find one of the corners of the large ground decal, and begin to peal it off the surface where it was laid during the event. It is amazing that something that so successfully clung to a surface and endured foot and vehicular traffic can be removed with such simplicity, but that is the way of floor and ground graphics, and yet another reason why businesses and marketing agencies have come to rely on its advertising advantages. Once of you have completely removed the large ground decal, it can then be recycled, so the materials can be reused for another purpose.

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