Peel and Stick Adhesive Manufacturers: The Hidden Gem in Product Enhancement

Peel and stick adhesive manufacturersAdhesives can be found just about everywhere from sticky notes to roofing cover applications. These materials are continuously included as a feature for new, exciting commercial merchandise. As technology consistently advances, so do the capabilities of products made available for commercial and business use. For example, do you remember the days when wall hanging of pictures or posters involved tearing up the attachment surface upon removal? Now, abundant options are present for safely performing the same task without leaving a mark!

Peel and stick adhesive manufacturers are an important part of our everyday lives. Why, you might ask? They are the primary contributor of thousands of non-harmful, effective peel and stick backings as well as bonding materials. Adhesives are designed to bond between two substrates, which may be made from similar or different material types. The actual bonding material must have a certain cohesion depending on what is being stuck together. This type of bonding is frequently used to fasten two surfaces together in a smoother manner than other methods.

Peel and stick adhesive utilizes glues, epoxies, plastic agents, or other materials to create the required bonding. Adhesion occurs when the solvent evaporates or the curing bonding agent is subjected to certain conditions like heating. Several technologies, materials, and production methods are used to create the required bonding properties based on factors like overall purpose, substrates, or durability. Additional considerations are having the ability to maintain the individual properties of the involved substrates. Manufacturers take all factors into consideration to deliver an effective, non-harmful solution for product or workflow enhancement.

How Do These Adhesives Boost Quality of Life?

Whether you know it or not, these materials are part of various products that people routinely use. For example, the labels placed on merchandise such as sodas are a direct result of the solutions developed by peel and stick adhesive companies. In the medical industry, these qualities are used to keep medicine safe from moisture and for wound dressing. Yes, you guessed it, those Band-Aids used to dress your child’s cut or injury consists of a non-harmful peel and stick adhesive. Besides, provided conveniences like protective wall hanging materials, manufacturers also contribute to several aspects of a product including:

• Increased Durability
• Reliable Adhesion between Surfaces
• Improved Performance
• Flexible Design Options
• Higher Quality End Products
• Improved Aesthetics

Peel and stick adhesive manufacturers are a major contributor to many of the products you use on a regular basis. These materials function as a helpful sidekick throughout various industries including:

• Construction
• Electronics
• Transportation
• Medical
• Food
• Crafting
• Industrial
• Military

For these industries, applications have a broad range such as the bonding of metal or plastics, aiding in consumer product development, and promoting safety in a number of areas. Experienced manufacturers have spent years perfecting these bonding materials for business use. The key is finding a provider with the right knowledge to provide the desired qualities without harming the substrate, user, or application surface. At Jessup MFG, we have more than 50 years of experience as a peel and stick adhesive supplier. Contact us today to see how we can help you get the precise bonding qualities for improved performance.

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