Adhesive Coating Company: When Do You Need Them?

Industrial Process on the Metal Gears.An adhesive coating company is a specialized provider who offers various types of services to aid in the finishing or covering of a substrate. A coating is simply a material used to protect or add a specific quality to the surface of an item. In some cases, the material may actually saturate the substrate to strengthen it or add another characteristic. The services provided by an adhesive coating company are beneficial to a number of industries including:

  • Consumer Products
  • Part Manufacturing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Products
  • Egress Safety Items
  • Military Applications
  • Aircraft Components

Several application methods are available through these companies to achieve a desired trait or protective coating. For example, an adhesive attribute might be added to the backside of tape or to safety treads for dependable performance.

Adhesives are materials used to bond two items together meaning that they can be glue or other type of solution. Essentially, when the paper backing is removed from something to stick it on another surface, the adhesion material is a coating. Any time you need to add this quality to a product for functionality or enhancement, an adhesive coating company offers a one-stop shop for getting it done right at the lowest possible cost.

Why Not Perform the Coating At Your Facility?
Implementing this kind of manufacturing or process change within a facility is a big job. It involves purchasing new machines, training people on how to use them, and altering processes to ensure safety as well as quality. The equipment, methods, and materials used to create the coating are all fairly expensive to implement. For most facilities, various costs will come into play during this change including:

  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Floor Space Modifications
  • Maintenance Activities
  • Employee Training
  • New Material Handling Policies
  • Additional Safety Procedures

These costs are just the beginning as it takes a certain amount of expertise to know what materials are appropriate for each type of substrate to be covered. Because an adhesive coating company has been in the business for a long time and regularly maintains skilled employees, you will spend less time as well as money by using a reputable service. Not to mention, nothing has to change at your facility. The costs associated with this new process are often much higher than when obtaining the outside help of an experienced adhesive coating company.

If the above reasons are not enough incentive to gain the outside help of a professional, then consider what you would do if existing coating formulas for adhesion do not meet defined needs. This will require a customized solution that takes less time to develop with the help of an expert. Bottom line: an adhesive coating company has the equipment, experience, and trained staff to make these requirements easily possible without asking for your businesses safety net. At Jessup MFG, we have been applying and developing coatings for over fifty years. We offer assistance with coating formulation, development, and testing as you add this quality to a product or component. Our goal is to help you achieve dependable adhesion at a low cost without degrading overall quality. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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