Creating Crowd Stopping Advertising with 3D Floor Graphics

Creating Crowd Stopping Advertising with 3D Floor Graphics

Consumers nowadays are bombarded by advertisements everywhere they look. Billboards, signs, posters, benches, even bathroom stalls now beg for our attention. As a result of this media saturation and advertising overload, it has become extremely difficult for most marketing and advertisement ploys to garner the attention they seek, especially when those branding messages have become monotonous, boring, and intrusive. Without a doubt, it is time to think outside the box and try something new and fresh. Enter 3D floor graphics – a crowd stopping advertising creation.

Printed 3D floor graphics can attract today’s jaded and inattentive public in ways that will truly delight and amaze even the toughest critic. With 3D floor graphics, advertisers will once again make passerby’s stop and look in awe at an unbelievable and unique creation. Your marketing company’s commercial product will secure a captive audience by jumping off of the ground and demanding notice. 3D floor graphic advertising methods have shown to increase sales for clients, making the desire to use these crowd stopping advertising designs that much higher.

You might be asking yourself how 3D images are manufactured. Experts in the 3D floor graphics industry, such as those at Asphalt Art, work with a wide range of graphic designers, advertising agencies, and professional printers to produce custom contoured 3D floor graphics in a variety of shapes and sizes. Professional companies will be able to print full-color, high-resolution digital 3D images that can be used indoors and outdoors, on concrete, asphalt, cement, stone, or virtually any other type of surface (Asphalt Art decals can also be applied to vertical surfaces and even stairs). Floor graphics are also extremely durable, being able to withstand a ton of foot traffic (even wheels from vehicles), and are environmentally friendly, as they are easily disposed of after serving its purpose.

In addition to its versatility and ease of application, Asphalt Art’s UV-curable material is ultra-slip resistant and certified to be one hundred percent safe by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This stamp of approval from popular regulatory committees means that 3D floor graphics do not require an anti-slip over laminate, similar to comparable products on the market.

Asphalt Art’s one step digital printing process saves customers time and money, meaning the desire to have crowd stopping 3D floor graphics at your next event will not be as expensive or take nearly as long to design and create as you might think.

The result of Asphalt Art’s high-tech printing procedure is a safe and effective 3D floor graphic that genuinely leads to crowd stopping advertising images that look as though the graphic has been permanently painted on.

For more information regarding how 3D floor graphics can benefit your business during its next large event, you should contact Asphalt Art, and visit the company website. An Asphalt Art representative will be happy to assist you, and you can see a ton of examples of 3D floor graphics on the company website.

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