Press Release

Jessup Manufacturing Company Showcases Breakthrough Media at SGIA Expo 2016


Manufacturer Presents Versatile Peel-and-Stick Media for Floors, Walls, and Signs

Jessup Manufacturing Company exhibited more diverse applications than ever this year at SGIA Expo 2016, September 14-16, in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reason? Brands and print service providers (PSP) are discovering new creative ways to use the peel-and-stick graphics media that Jessup manufacturers.

“Jessup has been the preferred source for floor media for a long time, because we design our products to be great ink receptors, safe to walk on, and easy to install,” said Rob Jessup, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jessup Manufacturing Company. “Now our business is growing fastest in wall and sign applications because we’ve made wall murals, wayfinding, and building wraps easier too.”

Printable pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) coated films made by Jessup accept all major ink types and do not require heat, heavy rollers, or install. Indoor and outdoor floor and wall graphics are used for advertising, point-of-sale, retail visual merchandising, event marketing, décor, and signage. In application, floor and stair graphics create high impact advertising and art spaces in sport venues, transportation hubs, schools and universities, and public spaces. Wall graphics are even more widespread and versatile, since Jessup products are engineered to complement a wide range of wall types. Wall applications that are trending include building wraps, parking garages, indoor murals, and custom designed wallpapers. Asphalt Ar®, TexWalk®, and SportWalk® are three products that work equally well on floors and walls. Jessup also manufactures numerous specialty media such as SoftWalk® for ads that float on water, Glo Brite® glow-in-the-dark films for evening event signage, and CatWalk® for pools, saunas and other wet environments.

Jessup’s graphics media product line includes award winning Asphalt Art®, a non-slip media that conforms to uneven outdoor surfaces such as asphalt, cement and paving bricks; SportWalk®, a non-slip textured vinyl for short term sporting and cultural events; TexWalk®, a non-slip media for floors and walls that has a repositionable adhesive; CatWalk®, a resilient non-slip media that can be used in wet areas such as pools and saunas; ClearWalk®, a clear resilient non-slip media; SoftWalk®, a versatile expanded foam mesh media for floor, wall and pool graphics; Glo Brite®, a thin gauge, flexible, glow-in-the-dark film coated with a permanent acrylic adhesive; and Overlam, a clear, protective non-slip film for high traffic floor graphics. Product and application information can be found at Jessup's Graphics Media page.

SGIA is the leading trade association for digital and screen printing with more than 5,000 members. The SGIA Expo 2016 trade show event attracts more than 500 exhibitors and more than 20,000 attendees from 115 countries. More information can be found on the SGIA Expo 2016 page.

Jessup Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of adhesive coated films. Jessup products are used in many industries, including industrial and facility safety; all transportation sectors (aerospace, automotive, rail, marine); building and construction; action sports; graphics media; and diversified manufacturing. Jessup has two manufacturing plants in Illinois. Visit Jessup's website for more company information.