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Jessup Manufacturing Company Announces New ULTRAGRIP Skateboard Griptape


Leading Manufacturer of Jessup The Original® Griptape Expands Griptape Product Line with ULTRAGRIP.

Jessup Manufacturing Company announced today it is launching a new line of griptape called ULTRAGRIP. This brand represents a new product line of griptape designed to provide skaters with the option of extra grip—depending on the skater’s ride preference. Jessup The Original® Griptape was introduced to skaters in 1975 and has been the favorite of skateboarders ever since.

To develop ULTRAGRIP, the Jessup engineering team collaborated with legendary Jessup Pro team riders PJ Ladd and Jeff Grosso to engineer the perfect griptape for the performance needs of today’s professional skateboarders. Both PJ and Jeff were looking for the same griptape properties but for different applications. P.J. “The new ULTRAGRIP works great on the flat concave boards I ride” and Jeff “It’s not rocket science, or maybe it is? Look, if you’re like me and you don’t want your feet to slip, but still want to retain, excellent board feel? Then Jessup ULTRAGRIP is the griptape for you. Give it a try, you won’t regret it...”

Jessup ULTRAGRIP utilizes a manufacturing process which makes the grit more aggressive for extra traction. Silicon carbide particles hold the shoe for a grippier feel than Jessup The Original® griptape. “As one of the first manufacturers of griptape on the market— Jessup The Original®— we know griptape,” said Robert A. Jessup, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jessup. “We also know that every skater has their own style preference. For that reason, we have decided to expand our product portfolio to include a product with extra grip. Now we have options for everyone, no matter what your skateboarding style preference. We look forward to providing our customers worldwide with the very best in skateboarding griptape.”

Highlights of ULTRAGRIP griptape include easy application to the skateboard deck, trims without tearing, and excellent durability. The product is available in black; 9" x 33" boxed sheets come packaged 20 in a pack. ULTRAGRIP is made in the USA.

About Jessup Manufacturing Company

Jessup Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer of adhesive coated films. Jessup The Original® Griptape was introduced to skaters worldwide in 1975 and has been the favorite of pro athletes and enthusiasts ever since. Jessup products can be found in many industries, including extreme sports and action sports; industrial and facility safety; all transportation sectors (aerospace, automotive, rail, marine); architecture and construction; graphics media; and diversified manufacturing. Jessup's other brands include Solve+Make™, Jessup’s service for making application-specific adhesive coated films; Safety Track® non-slip tapes and treads; Glo Brite® photoluminescent films and exit signs; Asphalt Art® and TexWalk® media for printed graphics. Jessup has two manufacturing plants in McHenry and Lake Bluff, Illinois. Visit for more company information.