Luminous Safety Products that use Zero Energy

zero energy exit signsWhat has become a yearly increase in utility overhead, building owners are annoyed with the costs of structural operations. And with businesses frequently moving in and out of buildings because it can no longer afford to pay the rent, the revenue generated by most building owners has been erratic at best, as overhead continues to increase, with no end in sight. Now, most buildings owners have begun seeking ways to decrease operational overhead. One way to decrease the costs of operating your building is to change out your luminous safety products to a zero energy system. Luminous safety products that use zero energy are available now that there is a type of ambient absorbing safety product technology available, and it is called photoluminescence. Photoluminescence is an eco friendly, green alternative technology that no longer requires luminous safety products to be dependent on a connected or wired energy source, or a direct line of power. Instead, photoluminescent safety products absorb the energy produced from the sun, as well as any available ambient light, then stores that energy, and uses it when the area or location needs to be illuminated.

The development and availability of photoluminescent safety products has provided so many advantages to building owners. First, zero energy luminous safety products are considered eco friendly and a great green alternative measure, which means the materials used to design the safety products are safe for people to be in close proximity, and are environmentally friendly. Second, these luminous safety products are less expensive to purchase in the short term and to maintain in the long term than traditional luminous safety products. Third, zero energy luminous safety products will drastically reduce your structure’s utility bill because it requires no electricity to function. When you factor in all of the benefits that would immediately come from transitioning to zero energy luminous safety products, not a single reason exists to continue to use your traditional safety products, because you are wasting money that can be put towards other building needs.

With the invention of zero energy luminous safety products, building owners who decide to switch to these advantageous systems will be relieved to save a ton of money, while installing better safety products. Federal regulatory agencies will also be pleased to have an eco friendly, green alternative method of luminous safety products in widespread use, because these products make for a more advanced measure of building safety, not to mention building owners will be thrilled to find themselves in compliance much easier than in previous times.

GloBrite Systems supports the use of zero energy luminous safety products, and is a purveyor of photoluminescent technology and products. Should you require more information pertaining to luminous safety products and / or photoluminescence, speaking with a GloBrite representative will be to your benefit.

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