Industrial Coated Products from Jessup Manufacturing

safetyproductsNon slip tapes and treads have become such an important and vital component in a variety of industries that Jessup Manufacturing has made it a business necessity to provide different types of non slip tape and tread materials with features that benefit specific industries. For example, Jessup Manufacturing develops non slip tapes and treads that range from heavy duty materials, to commercial grade, and even flexible materials. In addition, Jessup Manufacturing’s line of non slip tapes and treads come in different colors and sizes, so the customer can choose specific color patterns that will make the non slip tapes and treads more visible in certain conditions, and also choose the size of the cut needed, because it may need to fit on a large surface, or perhaps fit on clothing. The following information should help the reader understand the many different kinds of nonslip tapes and treads offered by Jessup Manufacturing, so that when it comes time to choose the right type of non slip tape and tread for your specific need, you will have all the input you need.

Heavy Duty Series: This is the premium grade anti slip tape and tread, mainly used to place on heavy duty machinery and manufacturing equipment, and placed in locations that experience frequent spills of wet and oily substances, such as loading docks, auto repair shops, and storage facilities. This product will definitely provide high slip resistance under the absolute toughest conditions.

Commercial Series: Probably the most commonly used grade of non slip tapes and treads, the commercial grade series is designed for the most general purpose applications. This series is often used for both indoor and outdoor locations, and exceeds all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and regulations. This series can truly be used anywhere, for any kind of situation. The commercial series can also be purchased in certain colors to provide specific warnings, such as “Caution” and “Watch Your Step.”

Glow in the Dark (Photoluminescent) Series: Photoluminescent non slip tapes and treads are used in areas that might experience a power outage or black out scenario, where people will have extreme difficulty seeing should illumination in the room fail. Photoluminescent non slip tapes and treads provide the material with a glow in the dark feature that guarantees to glow brightly and illuminate under any condition, no matter the circumstance. This is all in addition to also providing excellent traction and friction that will neutralize instances that could incite accidental slips and falls.

Flex Track Series: When super duty efficiency regarding the need for non slip tape and tread is not required, but still a measure of anti slip and fall products would be beneficial, the Flex Track model is an excellent option. The Flex Track series will provide a degree of traction and friction, but will be made of a more flexible, finer material for smaller areas, locations with seldom need for a slip and fall preventive, and on products where flexibility is advantageous.

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