Wireless Exit Signs Deliver Convenience & Cost Savings

The latest in exit signs utilize photoluminescent technology to absorb and store ambient light. In the event of an emergency that can be caused by a blackout or smoky conditions from a fire, the stored energy from photoluminescent exit signs begins glowing and immediately becomes visible, creating a clearly recognizable, photoluminescent egress indicator. Photoluminescent technology provides customers with innovative exit signs that reduce the risk of panic or injury during evacuation, deliver convenience, and eliminate energy costs while promoting cost savings. Unlike older electrical exit signs, photoluminescent exit signs are easy to install because they are wireless exit signs. Photoluminescent technology offers one of the only non-radioactive exit signs that can also boast zero energy consumption and zero maintenance needs. Wireless exit signs built with an eco friendly, green alternative design and offer energy savings all rolled into one amazing product.

Several benefits are immediately apparent when using photoluminescent exit signs. Some of these benefits include the reduction of cooling and emergency generator loads, aesthetically pleasing designs, multiple egress solutions, wireless application, lower labor and material costs, and no electrical or battery backup required. In addition, glow in the dark wireless exit signs are very easy to mount. As mentioned previously, but can never be overstated, glow in the dark exit signs have zero energy consumption costs, little to no maintenance, and no disposal expense.

Eco friendly exit signs provided by GloBrite Systems are designed to fit new construction sites as well as retrofit older structures, and can be applied to any location, including office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, distribution centers, apartment buildings, manufacturing facilities, living centers, and hospitals.

By switching to green alternative, wireless exit signs, a building owner can save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in energy costs alone, and reduce its air pollution and carbon footprint significantly, especially when compared to incandescent signs. Wireless exit signs are also less expensive to install and maintain as these models eliminate the need for wiring, maintenance, and battery backup options, subsequently leading to further decreasing of overhead costs. Photoluminescent exit signs completely eliminate energy consumption and provide immediate return on investment – a fact that competing products cannot promise.

To learn more about the advantages of installing green alternative, wireless exit signs and its ability to deliver convenience and cost savings, contact GloBrite Systems. GloBrite can help you realize the huge benefits to installing wireless exit signs designed with eco friendly technology, which also deliver convenience enhancements and costs savings that can be placed back in your company’s budget plans. Green alternative wireless exit signs engineered with photoluminescent technology is the wave of the future, and there is no substitute for the countless benefits to utilizing this great egress product.

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