Wireless Emergency Lighting – Photoluminescent Exit Signs

wireless exit signsSome buildings and other types of indoor locations where it is difficult to install electrically powered emergency exit signs, such as above doorways, have caused too many building owners to use tritium exit signs, because these exit signs are a bit more maneuverable to fit in these kinds of areas. The problem with using Tritium exit signs, even though they glow in the dark, these exit signs contain a radioactive gas, which is exactly what Tritium is – radioactive. This Tritium radioactive gas is enclosed in sealed glass tubes with a light-emitting compound inside, but the glass tube enclosure does not make it any less dangerous, as these sealed glass tubes have been known to crack and break, which will consequently leak this hazardous and toxic radioactive gas. A leakage of this radioactive gas can be quite harmful to people within close proximity, as well as to the environment if it is released into the air.

Makers and suppliers of exit signs infused with Tritium technology would have you believe that, because there is no electrical supply needed or most likely available in the emergency exit location where the tritium exit sign was placed (one of the main reasons why tritium exit signs is popular, because it requires no direct power supply), you cannot replace the exit sign, once it has become expired, with any other type of exit sign. In other words, the idea is that once a building, structure, or any type of indoor facility utilizes Tritium signs, and they expire, it is cost prohibitive to replace the exit signs with anything other than a new Tritium exit signs. What these Tritium exit sign purveyors do not want you to know is that not only is the inability to replace Tritium exit signs with another exit sign product untrue, you can replace with a far superior product that is also eco friendly. This green alternative exit sign technology is called photoluminescence.

Photoluminescent exit signs also offer wireless emergency lighting, but photoluminescent exit signs are in no way hazardous or harmful to the environment or to people. In addition, they have proven to be longer lasting, more efficient, and more durable than tritium exit signs, along with being designed with eco friendly materials. Most importantly, absolutely no radioactive chemicals, compounds, or components are involved with the utilization of photoluminescent exit signs, meaning you will leave zero carbon footprint on the environment. It is strongly recommended that you stay away from tritium exit signs altogether. However, if you have already installed tritium exit sings in your indoor location, this does not mean it is too late to go a different route with your exit signs. To learn more about how to transition to the safer, more efficient, and more cost effective photoluminescent exit sign, the professionals at GloBrite Systems can assist you.

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