Why Your Building Should have Wireless Exit Signs

photoluminescent evacuation signsWhen exit signs in buildings were first implemented, most of those types of emergency signage were wired – connected to an electrical outlet because that was the only way most traditional exit signs could work. Even though this was the only way exit signs could be installed, a myriad issues presented themselves because of this process: fire hazards from spikes in the electrical current flowing to the exit signs, significant increase in utility/electrical costs that created more business overhead, and an overall inefficient and unreliable product that could burn out without anyone knowing about it unless the exit signs were routinely inspected. The problem at present is, even though wired signs were the models of traditional exit signs many decades ago, currently, many businesses and buildings are still using this potentially unreliable method of exit signage, despite the fact that wireless exit signs are available. Wireless exit signs? That is correct. Today, businesses and building owners who have not yet made the transition away from wired exit signs can install wireless exit signs that are much safer and more cost efficient than the alternative. The following information will describe why your building should have wireless exit signs.

No more wires! As described in the paragraph above, wired exit signs really is a recipe for disaster. Wired exit signs are a fire hazard, as spikes in electrical current flow happen more frequently than you probably know, and all it would take is one large spike to overheat the exit sign and cause it to catch on fire. In addition, the reliance on a direct path of energy is costing you thousands of dollars each year, potentially more, depending on the size of your building and how many wired exit signs you have installed. Wireless exit signs do not require a direct source of power. Instead, it absorbs ambient light in order to become self sustainable, which uses zero energy from outlets and electrical connections.

Increased safety and environmental protection! Old exit signs were made with materials that are now considered biohazards, and deemed unsafe for use. Wireless exit signs that are available now are designed and developed with technological advances that use eco friendly, green alternative materials that are safe for people to be around, and for the environment.

To receive more information regarding wireless exit signs, your best bet would be to contact GloBrite Systems, and speak with one of their representatives. GloBrite Systems is considered a huge proponent for wireless exit signs, especially those infused with photoluminescent technology, which is the eco friendly, green alternative wireless exit signs that are equipped with all of the benefits discussed in this blog. Reach out to GloBrite Systems today, and allow their professionals to help your building make the transition to wireless exit signs right away.

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