What are the Benefits of a Wireless Egress System?

power free exit signsThe latest in egress technology involves photoluminescence; an eco friendly, green alternative technology acquired by combining certain chemical compounds that emits a glow in the dark energy. Photoluminescence, along with its ability to absorb, store, and then use the energy produced from ambient light, provides the opportunity for emergency exit signs, and other egress signage products to go wireless, because the egress products designed with this technology do not require an electrical, or any type of connected power source. As you may already conjecture from what you just read, several advantages exist when using wireless egress systems, as opposed to other forms of egress products. The following will list some of the benefits gained when utilizing a wireless egress system throughout your entire location, if you are not already.

  • Simplicity of installation: The moment you take wires out of the equation, wireless egress systems, similar to any other type of wireless product and / or system, is much simpler to install. No wires, no direct line of power source, no needed power outlets always makes for an easier method of installation and utilization.
  • Reduced business overhead: Because wireless egress systems are not plugged in to an electrical power source, it is not consuming energy provided by a utility source. What this means is that, once you have installed wireless egress systems throughout your location, you will no longer of a single emergency egress product consuming power from a utility source and your monthly utility bills will conveniently plummet. This translates to less business overhead, less utility costs, and the opportunity for your company to use that saved money on other business needs.
  • Indirect savings in other areas: Not only will you save money on your utility expenses, wireless egress systems have proven to require less labor and material costs, lower maintenance needs, and a longer life cycle (replacement costs and disposal expenses are minimized), in addition to never needing to purchase an expensive battery backup solution should the primary power stop. In addition, glow in the dark wireless exit signs are very easy to mount.
  • Easy implementation solutions: Wireless egress systems have been designed to fit both new construction sites, and to retrofit older and already established edifices. Structures of any type, shape, and size can incorporate wireless egress systems, no matter the location.

It is a green solution: Wireless egress systems are developed with eco friendly, green alternative materials and components, which means that every part of the product is safe for the environment, and safe for anyone to come into contact with. There are no hazardous materials or components involved in the design, and no toxic or radioactive agents or chemical compounds were used in its creation.

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