How Reliable are Wireless Emergency Exit Signs?

power free exit signsOlder model emergency exit signs that have been installed throughout many buildings across the United States were done so wired to an electrical outlet, connected to a direct and depended on power source because that was the only way these archaic emergency exit signs would function. While it is true that, at a time, wired emergency exit signs were the only way to utilize this type of signage, far too many issues plagued this process. Persisting problems included a fire hazard potential due to spikes in the electrical current that are constantly flowing to the exit signs, significant increase in utility and electrical costs, and an overall inefficient and unreliable emergency exit sign that could burn out at any time, become inoperable should anything happen to the power source, and require far to much maintenance. Even though all of these problems with wired emergency exit signs are still present today, these models are still being used by far too many businesses and buildings, despite the availability of wireless exit signs, which are a far superior product. Building owners and large business offices that have not switched to wireless exit signs are missing out on a much safer, more reliable, and more cost efficient signage product over the wired models.

One should not underestimate the dangers associated with wired emergency exit signs. Wired emergency exit signs are a fire hazard, because surges in the flow of electricity happen more frequently than most people realize, and all it takes is a single large surge in the current to overheat the emergency exit sign and cause it to become aflame. Moreover, the dependence on a direct path of electricity is costing your business and exorbitant sum of money. Wireless emergency exit signs do not require a dedicated source of energy. Instead, it absorbs ambient light that enables the egress product to become self sustainable, using zero power from outlets and electrical connections.

Archaic wired emergency exit signs were designed with components and materials now considered biohazards, and presumed unsafe for usage desires. Wireless emergency exit signs are developed with state of the art technology, which has experienced astounding advances over the recent years. This technology, known as photoluminescence, applies eco friendly, green alternative components and materials considered safe for the environment, and around people.

GloBrite Systems has been a huge proponent for wireless emergency exit signs since its inception, and have been a staunch supporter of photoluminescent technology. The professional at GloBrite have been working tirelessly to inform those businesses and building owners still using wired emergency exit signs of the inherent dangers still associated with those signage products, and explaining the seamless transition when switching to wireless emergency exit signs. Make a call to GloBrite Systems, and find out why changing to wireless emergency exit signs is one of the best business decisions you will make this year.

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