Be Safe and Budget Conscientious with Wholesale Safety Signs

photoluminescent-egress-markingsWhen designing new public buildings like hospitals, schools, and community centers, budget is always a primary concern. You want to create a building that has the most utility for the citizens who are going to use it, but you also want to be aware that every dollar spent is a dollar that won’t be spent on needed public services. On the other hand, you don’t want to cut corners, because public safety is the most important concern. Fortunately, building designers can be both budget conscious and create the highest level of safety in new public buildings by using wholesale safety signs made with photoluminescent materials.

Electric Exit Signs May Not Be Best
When planning egress systems for large buildings, many designers and architects automatically turn to electric systems. However, electric safety signs may not be the optimal choice for a number of reasons. First of all, implementing electric safety signs requires additional wiring and installation, creating unnecessary building costs. Electric signs also require constant energy to run. One hundred incandescent exit signs will cost up to $3,500 a year to operate and will create almost half a million pounds of CO2 emissions over the life of the signs. Additionally, electric signs have the potential to fail. If the power goes out in a building and the backup generator (if one exists) also fails, electric exit signs will also fail.

A Green, Cost-Efficient Alternative
Photoluminescent safety signs, on the other hand, require no electricity to operate. In buildings like hospitals and schools where the lights must always remain on, photoluminescent signs are constantly being charged by the ambient light surrounding them. During the day, the signs are brightly printed to make them highly visible during lighted conditions. If and when the lights go out, these signs will glow in the dark, creating a reliable egress system.

In addition to not requiring electricity, photoluminescent safety signs have the advantage of being easy to install; lasting for 25+ years; not requiring any bulbs, batteries, or wiring; and being safe for the environment.

Wholesale safety signs made with photoluminescent material can also be used more extensively at a lower cost. Safety signs can be used to mark the nearest exit, fire extinguisher, medical kits, fire alarm, and other important safety devices. Photoluminescent tape can be used to clearly mark tripping hazards, stairs, and other emergency pathways.

Consider how wholesale safety signs could be used most effectively in your next building. Then contact Jessup Manufacturing Company, maker of GloBrite® Photoluminescent Systems, to receive more information on our products and egress offerings.

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