Put Safety First with Wet Location Graphics

wet-location-safety-signsEveryone loves hanging out by the pool during the summer. It’s a great place to relax, soak in the sun, and splash around with your friends and family. But pools can also be quite unsafe if they are not properly monitored and regulated. If your business or town runs a public pool, it’s essential that you make your pool as safe as possible with appropriate supervision and wet location safety signs. One simple way to make your safety signs even more visible and effective is with waterproof floor and wall graphics.

Waterproof graphics printed on CatWalk can be cut and printed however you like. You can use waterproof graphics to lay down a list of the pool rules in a central location, or you can use them to demarcate areas that are reserved for children and those that are reserved for adults.

Pool graphics printed on CatWalk are certified non-slip, making them safe to place on walkways where they will be highly visible to everyone who passes by. They can also be placed directly in the pool to mark depths and place clear signs like “No Diving.”

Custom waterproof graphics can also be used to point people towards the closest emergency aid, concession stands, or the nearest restroom. Anywhere that you might put a placard, you could instead use a custom graphic to help draw more eyes and be more visually stimulating.

Safety in Wet Locations
Wet location safety graphics can also be used in businesses, water parks, at public fountains, and anywhere else where occasional or regular wet conditions might create safety concerns. Graphics printed on Cat Walk can be placed on surfaces ranging from concrete to vinyl.

They can be placed in wash-down areas in manufacturing plants, or they can provide safety information in outdoor public areas like boat docks or parks with large water features. Safety graphics can even be used in areas that will be temporarily wet, such as potential flood areas during the wet season in your local town.

Learn more about how you can improve safety in wet locations by requesting a free sample pack of print media from Jessup Manufacturing today.

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