Wall and Floor Graphics for Wet Locations

Floor and wall graphics printed on the Asphalt Art line of print media can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. Asphalt Art can conform to surfaces ranging from concrete to cobblestone roads. SportWalk can withstand ten thousand marathoners as well as auto traffic. TexWalk can even be placed on carpet without causing any damage. But did you know that you can also lay down outdoor graphics in wet locations? CatWalk can be used for both short- and medium-term waterproof advertising in places like water parks, pools, and rainy environments, helping your brand reach new markets.

Print media used to create outdoor graphics for wet locations must be non-slip and waterproof. It should adhere firmly to surfaces like cement, plaster, and concrete without creating a tripping hazard. CatWalk does this with a textured surface that is certified non-slip whether people walk across it in shoes or in bare feet. The adhesive coats on the base side of this material are pressure sensitive, allowing it to be applied to various indoor and outdoor surfaces, including the bottoms of pools. Like Asphalt Art, the result is a beautiful graphic that appears painted on.

The opportunities to utilize outdoor graphics in wet locations are numerous. Graphics can be used for safety signage, advertising, wayfinding, or for design purposes. Advertisers can target young families, young adults at fashionable hotel pool parties, or local communities at public pools. CatWalk consists of a white adhesive coated film which picks up colors brightly, allowing advertisers and municipalities to create graphics that are visually engaging both because of their content and their location.

As the summer months approach, people will be outside and playing in the water more and more. Public pools will reach capacity, hotel pools will remain in constant use, and water parks will burst at the seams with young families and groups of friends building memories together. Reaching people in locations where they play and connect with one another is a great way to build a positive relationship with communities and your target markets. Consider all the ways that your brand could utilize waterproof advertising this summer, then contact Jessup Manufacturing for a free sample pack today.

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