Using Waterproof Graphics to Drive Concession Sales

pop waterproof graphicsPublic pools, water parks, and theme parks are all major attractions during the summer months. People flock to these locations to enjoy fun in the sun with friends and family. One thing that these three locations have in common is their reliance on concession stands. Concession sales can make up a huge portion of profits for water parks and public pools, and you can bet that people playing around in the water are going to work up an appetite. This summer, make sure that your concession stands perform better than ever with POP waterproof graphics.

Many public pools and water parks fail to effectively advertise their concession stands because the all-around wet conditions make it impossible to put up posters or signs that won’t get ruined. This is where waterproof graphics can help. Floor and wall graphics printed on CatWalk can be placed virtually anywhere to advertise your concession stands, promote your sponsors, or provide safety signage. You can even use the pool bottom for advertising if you use Asphalt Art applied when the pool is empty and dry.

But let’s take a moment to focus on concession stand advertising. Point-of-purchase or POP graphics can be useful for drawing the attention of passersby to your concession stands, providing information about your menu or sale items, and providing signage as to where and how to line up in front of your stand. However, if your graphics are printed on paper, they’re going to be ruined within a matter of days by the wet people splashing by.

CatWalk is a white adhesive coated film with a textured surface that is certified non-slip. Vibrant point-of-purchase graphics can be printed on CatWalk and placed on surfaces like concrete, tile, linoleum, and vinyl without damaging the floor beneath. CatWalk can be printed and cut to virtually any shape, giving you a wide range of flexibility as to how creative your POP graphics can be.

And don’t forget that CatWalk waterproof graphics can also be used to add color and creativity to your pool area or waterslides. It’s also a great choice for safety signage that will stay in place and be highly noticeable. Learn more about the possibilities of CatWalk for concession stand advertising and more by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of CatWalk, for a free sample pack today.

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