Outdoor Pool Decals Make a Splash

pool-decalsSummer is the season of the pool. Everyone from toddlers to senior citizens makes their way to the public pool during the hot months of summer. It’s a great place for local advertisers to connect with the community, and opportunities for pool advertising extend far beyond the public watering hole. Luxury brands can cater to high-end audiences at glamorous pool parties, luxury hotel pools, and upscale corporate events.

Advertising at the Public Pool
Brands that are geared toward families can do exceptionally well with pool advertising. Advertisements around pool areas and on the floor of pools are unexpected and exciting. Their unusual placement will help draw the eyes of everyone who passes by. Local brands in particular can benefit from connecting to their primary market at community pools. Floor graphics at pools can be used for point-of-purchase advertisements such as concession stand signs, or they can be used to create interactive fun for families.

A pool graphic can be used to transform the bottom surface of a pool, giving it the look of the ocean floor, a cityscape, or a magical kingdom. Such graphics will add to the joy and excitement of everyone at the pool, creating a positive experience of your brand. Pool graphics are also highly photographable and likely to be shared on social media.

Advertising at the Private Pool
Brands that are focused on the high life can have great success at private and luxury pools. The key to pool advertising at hotels, clubs, and private parties is creating graphics that add to the luxury and opulence of the event. Fortunately, this is easily accomplished with underwater graphics and slip resistant graphics placed around pool areas.

Because graphics printed on Asphalt Art can be cut and printed to virtually any size, advertisers can create graphics that make pool areas feel more luxurious, more decadent, and more refined. For example, an advertiser could create an oversized replica of a famous work of art and use that to cover the pool floor. Alcohol brands can print graphics that make it look as though people are swimming in a giant martini glass. With the right graphics, anything is possible.

Asphalt Art adheres to granite, cement and tile when it is applied to a dry surface. For advertising that floats on the surface of the pool, SoftWalk is unique. Learn more about the possibilities of pool graphics by requesting a sample pack of Asphalt Art print media from Jessup Manufacturing today.

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