When are Waterproof Exit Signs Needed?

You may be surprised to realize just how many situations and locations could be made safer with waterproof exit signs. Most buildings still use electric emergency signs to mark exits, light pathways, and provide guidance to emergency tools and supplies. However, exposure to water can cause such signs to fail or even become additional hazards during emergency situations. Here are just a few examples of times and places when waterproof exit signs would be a safer and more effective alternative.

  1. In washdown areas

A wide variety of companies use chemicals and other dangerous materials throughout their operations. Engineering companies, chemical companies, refineries, manufacturers, and laboratories all have need for employee washdown areas. The hope is that such areas will never need to be used, but in the event that they become necessary, having these areas marked with appropriate emergency signage is vitally important.

Washdown areas are of course wet, so it makes the most sense to use non-electric, waterproof signs in such areas. Thankfully, nonelectric emergency signs can be even more effective than their electric counterparts. Through the use of inorganic photoluminescent material, glow-in-the-dark signs can be used to effectively mark washdown areas in dark or lit conditions without the need for electricity.

  1. Buildings with sprinkler systems

In the event of a fire, does your building have a sprinkler system that will douse entire floors in pools of water? If you’ve never seen a building sprinkler system in action, the sprinklers shoot water every which direction at a high volume. If exit signs are not waterproof, an activated sprinkler system could render them useless. Again, this is a situation where photoluminescent exit signs can be used without fear of failure.

  1. Outdoor areas

Outside, emergency signage can be used to direct people towards shelter, the nearest fire extinguisher, medical supplies, or any number of other emergency directives. If your business has an outdoor component that is subject to rain or flooding, waterproof emergency signs are essential. Plus, it makes a lot more sense to use emergency signs that don’t require any wiring or electricity in outdoor areas. With nonelectric waterproof emergency signs, your costs can be reduced and your employees and/or customers can be made significantly safer.

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