Weatherproof Emergency Exit Signs for Wet Locations

globrite1When most people think of emergency exit signs, a whole lot of thought might not be given to placing them in wet locations. Why is this so? Well, the general thought is that emergency exit signs are hooked up to some sort of power source or electrical outlet, so if those signs were located in a wet area it would most likely pose a huge electrical threat. Moreover, people likely associate a wet location as being outside. When people are evacuating a location, the general perception is that they are evacuating from an indoor location, and the emergency exit signs are leading them to safety to an outdoor sight. While some of the above mentioned thought processes is valid to some degree, there exists a pressing need for outdoor emergency exit signs to alert people when a crisis is underway. Therefore, if you are planning to install emergency exit signs outdoors, the area immediately needs to be considered as a wet location, which means the emergency exit signs must be weatherproof. For businesses and building owners who believe they need emergency exit signs for outside locations that can get wet, there is no better solution than weatherproof emergency exit signs infused with photoluminescent technology.

If there is even the slightest inclination as to bypass searching for weatherproof emergency exit signs for wet locations, consider the harsh winter the entire Midwest and northeast regions of the United Sates have experienced so far. There has been so much cold weather, snow, and precipitation that this year’s winter weather is considered by many as the most trepid they have seen in history. Even parts of South Carolina and Georgia, including Atlanta, had snow this winter. This reality, coupled with the need for weatherproof emergency exit signs for wet locations, should be a sobering wake up call for businesses and building owners to purchase the best indoor and outdoor emergency exit signs available, and the best happens to be emergency exit signs created with photoluminescent materials. Photoluminescent technology offers an affordable emergency evacuation solution for both big and small companies and buildings with budgetary constraints.

If any of the information provided seems overwhelming, GloBrite Systems – a company that has been providing weatherproof emergency exit signs for wet locations, along with several other indoor and outdoor egress markers, can help you solve your exit signage needs. GloBrite supplies affordable evacuation and emergency egress solutions that include photoluminescent emergency exit signs. Photoluminescent products are rated by almost every safety and hazard prevention organization as the best method of implementing safety signs available on the market at present. It is recommended that you reach out to a GloBrite professional to find out more about how to best outfit your area with emergency exit signs, along with the best indoors, outdoor, and weatherproof safety materials available. A GloBrite professional is ready and willing to assist you with emergency exit signs for wet locations.

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