Where in the World? Geo-Targeting Takes Off

large-ground-graphicIf you missed our February newsletter, you missed something big, bold, and French.

Not long ago, the municipal administration of Paris, the French National Geography Institute, and the Paris park district launched an outdoor exhibition on World War I. The organizers used Asphalt Art’s large format print media to create two massive maps of Paris: one depicting Paris during the war, the other depicting present-day Paris.

Each map measured over 500 square meters, creating a vibrant and unique experience for everyone passing by. The massive maps were endlessly photographed and talked about on social media, and they helped make the French World War I exhibition a stunning success.

Using Ground Maps for Wayfinding & Advertising
While Paris used large-format ground graphics to create a teaching exhibit, marketers are also finding exceptional value in the use of floor maps for wayfinding and creative advertising. According to statista.com, just 9.61 million people used their phones for navigation in the US in 2009. By 2012, that number rose to over 66 million people, and that number is even higher today. Marketers know that a huge portion of people have their phones on them everywhere they go, and they use those phones not just for communication but also for taking photos, looking up information, and especially finding their way around. Savvy marketers have put two and two together and realized the potential value of combining innovative advertisements with geolocation.

Think about it. A well-placed ad in an area with a lot of foot traffic can catch the attention of virtually every person passing by, providing them with a unique experience of your brand and helping to direct people to your store. A beautifully printed wayfinding ad that seems to pop out of the ground will be a welcome change of pace compared to every day posters and billboards. Plus, marketers can incorporate QR codes and NFC tags into outdoor graphics in order to provide potential customers with even more information about your brand, including detailed directions to the closest store.

Whether you want to improve wayfinding, increase awareness, or generate social media buzz, beautiful floor maps and wayfinding graphics present an innovative and cost-effective opportunity to strengthen your brand.

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