Configurations for Wall Mounted Exit Signs

photoluminescent-exit-signsThere are a number of different ways that photoluminescent exit signs can be mounted to walls, ceilings, and impermanent structures, such as those found at construction sites. The most appropriate way to install your wall mounted exit signs will depend upon your specific use and the safety codes that apply to your city, county, or state.

Here is an overview to give you a sense of the different terms that are used for various wall mounting configurations and when each configuration might be appropriate.

Flush Mount or Wall Mount: This means that the sign is mounted directly to the wall without a holder. Wall mounts are appropriate in a wide variety of situations and are usually the easiest installation option. Just make sure that the sign is placed high enough to be clearly seen. Wall mounts are a good idea when there is enough wall space above the exit door to place a sign directly above the doorframe. Wall mounts can also be used for additional floor level exit signs.

Ceiling Mount: In this configuration, a fixture is attached to the ceiling, and the exit sign is hung from the fixture. Ceiling mounts are appropriate when there is not sufficient space above the doorframe to place an exit sign on the wall, or when you are using a double-faced exit sign that must be visible from two sides.

Side Mount: This refers to an exit sign that is mounted to a fixture attached to a wall. The sign is attached from one side so that it sticks out from the wall. Usually this configuration is used for double-sided exit signs.

Pendant Mount: If a ceiling is particularly high, a pendant mount can be used to suspend an exit sign down the appropriate level from the ceiling so that it is visible directly above or near an exit door. Pendant kits are less common than other mounting options, but may be the most appropriate option in certain spaces.

Remember that GloBrite photoluminescent signs must be hung in spaces where they are regularly lit by at least 54 lux of light. A simple light meter can be used to help ensure that your mounting location is appropriate. Learn more about the various mounting options and which might be best for your building by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of GloBrite.

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