A Message from Your Director of Campus Facilities – Going “Photoluminescent” Green

Eco-friendly practices are making their way into every facet of commercial, higher education, and public use structures. As a Director of Campus Facilities, it is important to implement methods for reducing environmental impact. Numerous choices exist for adding green elements to existing buildings on your campus. Photoluminescent signing, symbols, and egress markings are an easy place to start when wanting to create an atmosphere centered on reduced energy consumption. You do not have to implement the most costly or greatest changes to contribute to the preservation of natural resources. In fact, a few simple alterations to items used within your building can make a big difference! Egress components with self-luminous qualities are an excellent choice because they entail a minimal expense for future savings.

Photoluminescent Products Limit Environmental Harm

Local building codes require signing to be in place for emergency evacuation safety and this is one area where a slight alteration supplies significant results. Self-luminous egress identification items eliminate the need for electricity when complying with these codes. While incandescent signing has been a longstanding choice in building design, it requires an immense amount of energy to remain visible. Each sign of this nature must be connected to continuous power and have a backup source available for additional support. These signs can increase energy costs to thousands of dollars and consume precious resources every second of each day. Photoluminescent alternatives do not require electricity to be seen. They are proven to be more effective in minimal light situations. Incandescent identifiers experience decreased visibility when thick smoke is present. This complication is also removed when self-luminous identifiers are installed throughout your campus.

Additional Benefits of “Going Green” By Self-Luminous Means

Reduced energy consumption and electricity costs are not the only benefits you can receive as the Director of Campus Facilities. Self-luminous identifiers also offer a low maintenance, long lasting solution. These products do not have to be heavily maintained to provide egress visibility. A simple wiping every few days ensures they will be available any time the need arises. Incandescent options must be tested frequently, require bulb changes, and professional electrician services. The installation tasks of incandescent methods are extensive and they add the element of maintaining a generator or battery source. These factors increase the total cost incurred for keeping your buildings code compliant and safe for occupants. Traditional choices contain toxic materials, are hard to dispose, and have a shorter usage life than photoluminescent alternatives. Self-luminous products support sustainability concepts by providing these advantages:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Recyclable
  • Zero Energy
  • Minimal Materials
  • Longer Usage Life
  • Reduced Care Requirements

They are a great option for any Director of Campus Facilities seeking a way to boost environmental friendliness while decreasing costs. These choices meet all code specifications without increasing the expenses of building egress safety. They are easy to install, completely recyclable, and work regardless of emergency conditions. Photoluminescent choices are the way to go if you have been searching for a cost effective, dependable way to support egress safety. As an extra bonus, this option allows you to promote eco-friendly practices while cutting expenses!

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