Outdoor Emergency Exit Signs – UL924 Compliance

This information found here will focus on outdoor emergency exit signs as it pertains to UL924 compliance for outdoor signage. Examples of some of the products listed under the UL924 compliance code include exit signs, emergency lights, battery backup systems, and Inverters. Each product and component features a category code under UL924, which includes outdoor emergency exit signs.

The acronym ‘UL’ in UL924 stands for Universal Laboratories. This laboratory is an independent, nonprofit product safety testing and certification organization. The UL924 is a compliance code and safety standard for emergency lighting, and power equipment. As it is directly stated, UL924 applies to “emergency lighting and power equipment for use in unclassified locations and intended for connection to branch circuits of 600 volts or less.” Emergency outdoor exit signs are covered under this compliance code, and specifically states how outside emergency exit signs need to be implemented.

Continuing with the code for UL924, it goes on to state:“…such equipment is intended to automatically supply illumination, power, or both to critical areas and equipment in the event of failure of the normal supply. UL924 is in accordance with Article 700 or 701 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, the Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, the Fire Code, NFPA 1, the International Building Code, IBC, and the International Fire Code, IFC.”

The above-mentioned information regarding UL924 and how the code addresses outdoor emergency exit signs should help the reader understand how finding sustainable solutions through the UL924 egress safety systems code is quite beneficial, and makes the process of protecting citizens and helping them reach safety during a stressful situation caused by a potentially lethal disaster much easier. Because the UL924 egress safety system compliance code specifically addresses how outdoor emergency exit signs should be managed and handled, business owners can better realize how to formulate the outdoor surroundings of their office or building.

Because there is a lot of specific and detailed direction involving the UL924 compliance code, any individual who should require clarification to help find exceptional outdoor egress solutions, should contact GloBrite immediately. GloBrite, a thriving business that has been in the egress signage industry for a long while, can help interested parties understand all outdoor signage regulations and guidelines under UL924, which will subsequently lead to new and improved egress safety systems for outdoor emergency exit signs.

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