Do Photoluminescent Exit Signs Meet UL 924 Standards?

Before this blog digs in to whether photoluminescent signs meet UL 924 standards, it will provide a brief synopsis into how UL 924 is defined. If you have been researching emergency exit signs, you have mostly likely stumbled upon the term UL 924, and if an emergency exit sign meets this standard, the product is appropriate for use throughout the country. To find an emergency exit sign that meets UL 924 standards means that product, under the definition of UL 924 compliance, satisfies all of the fire safety codes that must be observed by all commercial locations. This is exactly what you want for all of your emergency fixtures that will be installed in your building.

The UL, or Underwriters Laboratory, is an independent testing organization that has been certifying emergency exit signs, as well as other various egress and safety products and components for over one hundred years. For example, there are UL listings many categories, including laboratory equipment, fire extinguishers, cables and wiring, as well as several other classifications. The UL 924 protocol specifically regulates the safety standards pertaining to emergency lighting and power equipment. Emergency exit signs and lighting fall under the UL 924 standard category, so these egress products must be listed under UL 924 protocol so that the components can be considered fully compliant.

For an emergency light to be considered UL 924 compliant, it must provide a specific amount of time of illumination, which is determined by the Underwriters Laboratory. The length of the mandatory set period must provide more than ample time to evacuate as efficiently as possible, without inciting hysteria. Because photoluminescent exit signs meet UL 924 standards, it is recommended that you contact GloBrite Systems – a purveyor of photoluminescent products – to find out what this regulated time is set at. However, you can rest easy knowing that photoluminescent exit signs will always exceed whatever time limit is set, because these emergency exit signs have proven to be the best and longest lasting of any available product.

The Underwriters Laboratory does not have a preference as to whether emergency exit signs glow red or green (photoluminescent exit signs glow green), but it is required that the lettering of the exit signs be of a certain length and thickness. There is also a specific degree of illumination that emergency exit signs must meet. Similar to the length of duration, photoluminescent exit signs exceed the needed luminance to meet UL 924 requirements.

To learn more about photoluminescent exit signs and UL 924 standards, a good source of knowledge can be found at GloBrite Systems. As mentioned before, GloBrite offer photoluminescent products, which are considered the best in the business, and one of the company’s experts can help you better understand UL 924 protocol, and how it pertains to photoluminescent exit signs.

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