Types of Floor Graphics & Their Various Applications

3d Floor GraphicsCongratulations, your company has just made one of the best marketing decisions in what has hopefully been a long and distinguished business run, so far. Choosing to use floor graphics as your next promotional and advertising tool will garner a splendid return on your investment. However, before constructing you floor graphic, a decision still needs to making. How does your business plan to use the floor graphic? How your company plans to use the floor graphic is imperative, as many scenarios need to be understood and resolved, including the exact location, the kind of surface on which the floor graphic will be placed, will the floor graphic be inside or outside, the potential for water exposure, et cetera. These particulars will determine the kind of floor graphic your business will incorporate for its promotional event. The following information should help your company what kind of floor graphics you should apply at your upcoming event.

  • For any outside fare, using an aluminum foil base, infused with glass bead non-slip coating and adhesive backing will provide optimum protection for your floor graphic. Our AsphaltArt floor graphic with non-slip coating and adhesive support is perfect for almost any outside surface, and can withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In addition, this type of floor graphic is conformable, and simple to install and remove and 100% recyclable.
  • The SportWalk rendition offers a white textured vinyl with adhesive support for outside floor graphics use on smooth surfaces only, and for only a short period. A laminating effect is not required for this kind of floor graphic. This edition of floor graphic can handle pedestrian traffic for a week, to ten days, perhaps longer if it is dealing with only moderate temperature ranges (no heat, rain, or extreme humidity). The Sport Walk is a perfect option for a single day or weekend event. However, your event is planned to be longer, like say a week, another options would prove more suitable.
  • The CatWalk is best suited for an inside event, and can last as long as two to three months, possibly even longer. Because it is a short to medium term solution, and it is best optioned for indoor events so it will not become exposed to opposing forces, no lamination is required. However, the Cat Walk version is appropriate for wet areas, such as around pools, on a pool deck, in a shower room, and in a large sauna.
  • The floor graphic known as ClearWalk is made up of the exact same materials as the above mentioned Cat Walk. However, one exceptional difference is apparent, as the Clear Walk contains a clear textured vinyl, whereas the Cat Walk is made up of a white textured vinyl.
  • The TexWalk, which is created with a white textured vinyl with a fabric backing and adhesive support, and requires zero lamination enhancements. The Tex Walk is ideal for inside positioning on mostly any type of surface, including both painted and metal surfaces, wood floors, walls, and even on carpets. The Tex Walk is optimal for roughly one month, perhaps longer, and one of the unique aspects of this floor graphic is that is can be repositioned, meaning it can be easily pulled back up from one kind of surface and put back on another type of surface, multiple times.

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