Photoluminescent Exit Signs – Time to Quit Tritium

avoid tritium exit signsWhat was once considered a decent exit sign technology that was pretty popular with industrial organizations, the use of Tritium technology is no longer smart.  You see, older exit signs were designed with radio-luminescent materials containing Tritium, which is now known to have radioactive and toxic components. Because of its hazardous materials makeup, any uses of tritium exit signs are now frowned upon by  federal and state regulatory agencies. One of the main problems with using Tritium was that if the exit signs became damaged or broken, harmful radioactive toxins from the Tritium would escape into the air, contaminating industrial facilities and endangering the lives of workers, as well as emitting harmful toxins throughout the environment. Obviously, this is a concern for any building owner who is at all worried about people’s welfare. In addition, the process of implementing clean up services for Tritium leaks is very expensive and quite complicated.

This is why there has been a movement conducted by eco friendly, green alternative businesses such as GloBrite Systems, along with other organizations to replace any and all uses of exit signs laced with Tritium materials with photoluminescent technology. First off, whereas Tritium would last ten, to perhaps fifteen years – if you were lucky – photoluminescent exit signs have proven to last at least twenty-five years. Moreover, photoluminescent exit signs have zero hazardous chemical producing agents in its design, meaning the exit sign equipment is one hundred percent safe, and can be recycled with no concern of harming the environment. What’s more, photoluminescent exit signs are code compliant, do not need electricity (photoluminescence consumes absolutely no energy), and are completely not toxic, unlike Tritium. This makes photoluminescent technology an eco friendly, green alternative solution for installing exit signs that are totally safe, which is why most companies are switching to photoluminescent technology.

You have seen the name GloBrite Systems mentioned in this blog, and if you are a building owner or office manager in charge of the incorporation of exit signs in your given area, you should become aware of the advantageous to aligning your business with the eco friendly egress solutions company. GloBrite can help you outfit your location with photoluminescent exit signs, along with other valuable egress markers and safety solutions that when combined, work to guarantee the complete and utter safety of all of those who occupy your building or office space. Stop using products that make your business liable for lawsuits or other potential disasters or headaches, especially when there exists a solution that is easy to install, cost effective, and much more able to provide ultimate protection and safety measures. Call GloBrite, a professional is standing by, ready to assist you.

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