Secret Trade Show Advertising Tip

SGIAExpo7Because the following marketing idea is still a fresh and new concept that many advertising and marketing agencies have not yet looked into using, the Asphalt Art USA blog site you are currently on would like to assist you by sharing a secret trade show advertising tip: start looking into floor and ground graphic art imagery for you next trade show marketing campaign. Though floor and ground graphic art imagery has only been sporadically used at present, those businesses and marketing firms that have used this brilliant advertising technique have experienced incredible success from its implementation. This is why most of the success so far for ground and floor graphic art has come from repeat clientele, because those who have actually incorporated this innovative advertising tool into their marketing campaign have achieved what they initially set out to do, which is create brand awareness, generate buzz on new and existing products, incite brand recognition and loyalty, and best of all, drive foot traffic to their exhibit.

While ground and floor graphic art designs have not yet caught on like they should have by now, especially considering how successful they has been for those businesses who have used them, but now, Asphalt Art USA is officially letting the cat out of the bag. Therefore, for those businesses and marketing firms that are struggling to come up with a new advertising slogan or tool to improve traffic at your next trade show, you no longer have an excuse for a failed advertising technique.

Since you might not be familiar with floor and ground graphic art designs, the way it works is a company will enlist a graphic design team, whether it be in-house or free lance, to design a digitally rendered graphic image on computer aided design (CAD) software. Then just contact your local printing company to see if they can print on Asphalt Art USA products. We can always help locate a printing company if you need assistance. Your graphics can be printed to be any shape and size, and with our specialized backing, will be able to adhere itself to almost any type of surface. What’s more, the surface can be either indoor or outdoor, and it includes asphalt, concrete, brick, cobblestone, and tar, among others. If your event is inside, feel free to place the graphic image on the floor, on a wall, on the ceiling, or even on stairs.

Asphalt Art USA provides the printing solutions needed for printing companies to successfully render the digitally designed image into a tangible, lifelike art form. The best part is that our products can last up to a year depending upon the traffic it receives. Now, it is time for you to take this secret trade show advertising tip and put it to good use.

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