Change the Look of Your Store Instantly

temporary-floor-decalsOnline shopping has done more than its fair share of damage to the brick and mortar store. Buying things online has the advantage of being instant and easy, but there are still a few advantages that brick and mortar stores have over the Internet. For one thing, you can’t touch, try, and test products through a computer screen. The other big advantage that retail stores have is the ability to create a full, sensory experience.

Think about your favorite retail stores. Perhaps you love buying gardening products in person. You love walking through the various displays and testing out different tools. Or maybe you love buying clothes at that one store that always has your style, but also has funky artwork on the walls and plenty of comfy seats to take a break in. Upon reflection, you may realize that your favorite stores aren’t your favorite just because of the products, but also because of the positive experiences you have in those spaces.

Store owners need to look for new and creative ways to improve customer experiences and keep people coming back. Some simple ways to do this include improving your lighting, making sure your sales staff is well-trained, ensuring that your furniture and amenities (e.g. restrooms, music) are suited to your clientele, and making your space itself as appealing and easy to navigate as possible.

Give Your Store an Instant Facelift
One way to simply and cost-effectively improve the look and feel of your store is with temporary floor decals. Floor decals can be printed and placed at a low enough cost that you can change them out with each new sale or with each new season. Floor decals are also an inexpensive way to improve decor. A beautiful design laid out in your main entrance can instantly create a feeling of luxury, playfulness, or innovation, depending upon your chosen design. Floor decals can also be used to improve wayfinding by marking aisles, pointing customers toward the restroom or the register, or directing customers toward sale items.

Another great benefit of temporary floor decals is that they can be custom designed and printed to meet your specific needs. Whether you own a hardware store or a luxury resort, floor decals can help you give your customers a richer, more positive understanding of your brand.

To learn more about how temporary floor decals can be used in your store to enhance customers’ retail experience, take a look at our retail advertising solutions and applications.

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