Promote a Green Campus with Green Exit Signs!

Have you been seeking an easy to implement and affordable way to make the college campus a little greener? Many sustainability programs begin with small actions that can really make a big difference. Green exit signs are one option available to schools desiring change on a restricted or minimal budget. Countless buildings are required by law to have egress identification items installed. They help individuals find their way to the nearest egress or safety point when an emergency takes place. The materials used in identification products in the past were toxic, non-recyclable, and energy draining. Photoluminescent signing is a minimal change you can make to do more for the environment.

A green campus is facilitated by implementing methods for improved energy efficiency and resource preservation. Colleges are beginning to make extensive efforts to transform into an eco-friendly learning community. Education about sustainability along with healthier habits has been incorporated as part of the learning environment. Small efforts normally encourage larger sustainability changes and departments are the typical initiators as a campus begins to transform. These efforts eventually become noticeable to the president of the university who is capable of making further alterations for increased sustainability. Green exit signs are cost effective approach for beginning to incorporate eco-friendly practices.

How Do Photoluminescent Identifiers Help the Environment?

If you have been seeking ways to promote a green campus, it is important to realize the impact small changes have on eco-systems found throughout the world. Every step you take to conserve energy, resources, and limit landfill additions is significant. Incandescent lighted signs found above egress doors consume an immense amount of power when utilized throughout several structures. They are not recyclable, require extensive maintenance, and do not supply consistent reliability in every type of emergency scenario. Tritium, a power saving alternative to incandescent, has the risk of releasing radioactive materials. Both of these options are costly to install, replace, and dispose.

Various types of signing must also be placed within a structure to identify egress paths, floor levels, fire equipment, and additional items. Green exit signs offer these benefits when used to meet building safety codes:

  • Eliminate Energy Use
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Longer Usage Life
  • Easy Installation
  • Non-Toxic

Green exit signs do not require power to be seen because they produce their glow from traditional building lighting. The energy is stored until light levels become low or non-existent and then emitted as a light green glow. This glowing effect can be seen under any type of emergency conditions. Replacing incandescent signs with a photoluminescent alternative delivers electrical savings ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per year. Photoluminescent products can be recycled meaning they do not end up in the landfills spread across the globe. Basic cleaning is the only maintenance required and they remain effective for up to twenty-five years. Installation does not entail extensive tasks such as wiring or backup power source setups. If you have been seeking ways to promote a green campus, this is definitely a good option to consider. Self-luminous signing helps universities reduce resource use, limit pollution, and conserve energy at a minimal investment cost.

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