The Different Types of Street Advertising

Street Advertising TypesStreet advertising, which has also come to be known as, or called ‘out of home’ (OOH) advertising, is a broad term used to describes any kind of marketing campaign that uses advertising techniques to reach consumers when they are outside, away from their home. Street advertising can be accomplished virtually in any outdoor place, such as promotional paraphernalia at sporting events and musical concerts, billboards throughout cities, or simple signs outside on the street. Outdoor advertising can be compared to broadcasting methods, because both represent a type of mass-market medium, meaning that the intention of both are to reach a large, undifferentiated segment of the population (consumers) with indistinct and varied backgrounds. Street advertising is best utilized through broad message advertising mediums, as well as branding and support campaigns.

The following information will list the most common types of outdoor advertising techniques, which include:

  • Point of sale (POS) displays: Displays conveniently, yet purposely placed throughout a store, very near to the checkout lanes.
  • Public street furniture: These are the signs and advertisements you will find on benches, such as those you see at bus stops, posters and ads on telephone booths, as well as on kiosks.
  • Transit and vehicular advertising: Think of the signs and advertisements you have noticed on taxi cars, trains, buses, and on subways.
  • Mobile billboards: This is used to describe marketing practices where advertising tools are placed on the side of a truck, trailer, or any machine that is mobile. Mobile billboards could fall under the transit and vehicular advertising technique, but it also includes marketing techniques such as an airplane pulling / towing a huge ad across the beach, through the air.
  • Guerrilla marketing: this kind of advertising technique utilizes low cost promotional tools, such as flyers, graffiti, and sticker bombing, placed in a localized fashion in order to promote an event, product, and / or service within that given location.

Some of these methods of street advertising may seem favorable to you, while others may seem like a waste of time. You may base your assessment on cost, aesthetic, time consumption, proven success rate, along with other variables, including polls on public likability. While it is ultimately up to you on whether you incorporate the use of these marketing methods, before you make a decision, you should research and become acquainted with street graphic advertising. Street graphic advertising uses floor and ground graphic designs to promote a brand, idea, logo, etc. Street graphics have proven very successful for outdoor events and venues. For more information on street graphics, please contact Jessup.

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