Why do we need Stairwell Evacuation Signs?

Big fire on the stair caseWe need stairwell evacuation signs for the same reason why we need air to breathe – to survive. Although the previous statement may have made you chuckle, smirk, or perhaps roll your eyes a bit, and though it may be a bit over the top in its intention, for the few who have been involved in a serious incident in a large building where evacuation was required it is no laughing matter. In fact, if you have ever encountered someone who has been involved in such a terrible scenario, you might hear a story about survival, where one of the integral tools helping those people flee danger and find safety was the stairwell evacuation signage. Though it conjures horrible memories, if you think back to the terrorist attacks on the world trade centers, the planes that crashed into both towers caused the electricity to short circuit and the lights to go out. In addition, the smoke emanating from the crashed planes and burning buildings filled the rooms and floors with so much thick, dark smoke, it most likely made it near impossible to breathe, much less see.

With no intent to debate the degree of tragedies in this blog, there have been similar scenarios in buildings, where a fire broke out and smoke filled the hallways and corridors, making it very hard to see and to breathe. Moreover, electricity may have short circuited, making those hallways quite dark. If all these terrible scenarios unfold, what is there in those buildings that will help people flee from danger, assuming first responders have not yet arrived on the scene? Should this happen, the functionality of a stairwell evacuation sign, especially one designed with photoluminescent technology has the ability to help people trying to evacuate the location reach a minimal safe distance. Photoluminescent stairwell evacuation signs will be bright, and will glow in the dark and emanate a bright light that can be viewed through thick smoke, and in the darkest room imaginable. What’s more, should the electricity in the building short circuit, photoluminescent exit signs do not operate on electricity or batteries, instead, it runs on the ambient light it has been storing for energy all day long. Therefore, you can guarantee that, no matter how bad the situation is, photoluminescent stairwell evacuation signs will be operating at one hundred percent capacity, helping you navigate the stairs, get away from danger, and find a safe location.

The chances of such a terrible scenario unfolding is unlikely, but if it does, you need to be as prepared as possible, because human safety takes precedence over everything else. Having stairwell evacuation signs infused with photoluminescent technology guarantees that, if something of the previously described sort occurs, your building is prepared, and the occupants trying to evacuate your building are doing so with the assistance of the best egress marker components available on the market today.Photoluminescent stairwell evacuation signs are inexpensive, and, over time, will prove to save you and your business money because it does not consume energy from a direct flow of energy, which you or your business would be paying for if it did.

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